Why Shouldn’t I Ignore Damp Issues

Rising Damp Is A Myth - Says Stephen Boniface A Former Chairman of RICS

Why Shouldn’t Ignore Damp Issues

Do Not Ignore Damp

Prolonged exposure to damp can cause serious health risks with mould growths and added moisture causing respiratory issues. which, answers the question, Why Shouldn’t I Ignore Damp Issues

The ongoing risk to the building is the deterioration of plaster, contamination from salts, and erosion of the structure causing sometimes unnecessary costs if the issue is correctly diagnosed sooner rather than later.

Potential allergens such as pollen, mould spores and dust mite are commonplace in the daily environment and are found both inside and outside the home. Although most individuals are exposed to these allergens on a regular basis with little impact on health, regular exposure to some allergens, particularly indoor moulds can cause severe health problems, especially when present in large quantities.

Fungi, or moulds, are an abundant group of micro-organisms that play a crucial role in the degradation process of organic matter and organisms in the environment. Approximately one quarter of the Earth’s biomass is made up of fungi and approximately 100,000 species of fungi have been identified.1 Although moulds are fully functional in the outside environment, they can potentially pose a significant threat to health when transferred into the home.

A professional damp survey will identify problems and provide accurate recommendations which will allow you to become damp free and avoid any future issues.

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