What Is The Best Way To Resolve Damp & Mould In Birmingham? FAQ

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We look at the various ways in which we can resolve damp problems in homes in the Birmingham area. Continue reading What Is The Best Way To Resolve Damp & Mould In Birmingham?

What Causes Damp & Mould In My Birmingham House?

Damp and mould are a common concern for many homeowners in Birmingham and can be caused due to a large number of reasons. One reason for dampness and mould occurring in your home in Birmingham can be due to lifestyle habits, such as drying wet clothes in an unventilated area, or a lack of adequate ventilation within the property itself. Other causes can be moisture ingress, due to deterioration of the external walls.

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I Have Been Told I Have Rising Damp, Is This True?

Let’s make one thing very clear, Rising Damp is a myth, a fallacy and was originally a term used by the chemical industry to market services that are more often than not, unnecessary and potentially damaging to your property. To resolve damp issues professionally and permanently, it is highly recommended to have an independent damp survey carried out.
For a professional explanation regarding Rising Damp, please read this article that was written by Stephen Boniface, a former chairman of RICS.

What Is The Best Way To Diagnose Damp Problems?

The recommended process to diagnose damp problems within your home in Birmingham is to instruct an independent professional damp surveyor. They will investigate the issue using thermal imaging cameras and moisture mapping. With their years of experience, they are looking to provide the true cause of the problem, as opposed to hiding the issue with potentially damaging chemicals, such as Damp Proof Course injection methods.

It is far better to find the true cause of a damp issue than it is to attempt to fix it without knowing the real reason why the damp appeared in the first place.

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Is It Expensive To Fix Damp Problems In Your House?

Some damp problems can be resolved easily and inexpensively as long as they are properly assessed by a qualified building surveyor. More often than not, there is no need to have invasive chemicals injected into the cavity walls, as this will more often than not, cause more long term problems by suffocating the walls and preventing them from breathing.

Much of the time, damp issues are caused by lifestyle habits, faulty extraction fans or moisture ingress, all of which are relatively simple and not too costly to repair.

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How To Prevent Damp Problems In My Home?

One of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of experiencing damp problems in your home in Birmingham is to ensure the property is well ventilated. Damp and mould are caused by moisture and condensation, so the more ventilation the property has the less likely the property will encounter damp problems.

Examples of common causes of damp in your property.

Inadequate ventilation in bathrooms or shower rooms, moisture ingress due to defective brickwork, guttering, roof tiles etc. Leaking pipes, drying clothes in an enclosed area with limited ventilation.

What Is The Best Way To Resolve Damp & Mould In Birmingham?

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