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A snagging survey is a useful survey report to identify any problems with your new build home and helps you rectify any issues found. A snagging survey can identify areas of unsatisfactory workmanship and faults, which, may be small and cosmetic too significant and structural.

The purpose of a snagging survey is to conduct a visual survey to check the quality of workmanship against applicable standards. A quality profession snagging surveyor will check every aspect of the property that is accessible and visible, covering both the interior and the exterior of the property, including garages.

When should I get a snagging survey?

The best time to get a professional snagging survey carried out is before you exchange contracts with the developer. However, many developers will not allow snagging inspections to be done before completion. If this is the case with your developer, you should book a snagging survey as soon as possible after you’ve moved in to the property.

You can of course have a snagging survey done at any time once you have moved in, but make sure you get one done early and before the end of the first two years of occupying your new home.

Any findings should be reported to your house builder immediately, to remedy issues highlighted in the survey and to get the process of addressing the issues recorded.

You can also create a snagging list yourself, by highlighting problems and issues you’re not happy with but you are unlikely to spot a wider range of issues that a professional snagging inspector would be able to identify. An independent snagging survey will also add a lot of weight to your complaint if you have found your developer to be unresponsive to your snagging concerns.

Common Snagging Issues Found In New Build Properties that a snagging survey will identify

• Misaligned door frames or windows

• Cracked plaster

• Squeaky or uneven floors

• Loose stair posts or spindles

• Incorrectly fitted door handles

• Poorly fitted kitchen units and sockets

• Condensation • Minor Pipe leaks

• Radiators not level

• Insecure roof tiles or ridge tiles

• Poor quality brickwork or render

• Incorrect materials used (Eg. Window lintels) causing brickwork to crack

• Insufficient loft or wall insulation

• Insufficient damp proofing

• Insufficient draught excluders

• Faulty light or electrical fittings

• Scratched windows or doors

• Faulty locks, hinges and door closures

• Faulty garage doors

• Uneven driveways

• Blocked drainage

• Patchy paintwork

• And of course many more

Speak to a professional snagging inspector as soon as you can

Due to a growing number of complaints about property development standards, it is strongly advised to instruct a snagging inspector as soon as possible. Unlike many other snagging survey companies, Alpine Surveys never work for developers, or builders, so retain their independence and provide impartial, unbiased advice as they do not benefit from further financial gain by offering to carry out any works required to correct problems found.

Alpine Surveys inspectors are highly qualified and experienced property surveyors who have inspected thousands of new homes nationwide.

They bring together 30 years of knowledge and experience from professional roles such as chartered surveyors, senior site managers, building surveyors, architects and developers. Alpine Surveys not only identify areas of snagging, they may also carry out Thermal Imaging as part of their snagging report, to validate that the property meets adequate thermal insulating requirements.

Snagging Survey Locations

Alpine Surveys will happily assist and carry out snagging surveys and reports in the following areas:

Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, East Sussex, West Sussex, Greater London, Devon, Bath, Bristol, West Midlands including Birmingham, Cardiff, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, and many more locations across the South of England and London.

Costs and Timescales

The snagging report will be issued within 2 working days of the inspection, often within 24 hours, with a copy going direct to you, which, you can then pass on to the developer so that they can rectify any issues found. Your report is backed by the fact it has been undertaken by a qualified professional, independent snagging surveyor

Once this process has started, the New Build Snagging Inspectors will be available to provide free support and advice, working with you (and if needed, the developer) to resolve the issues found.

Snagging surveys are the preferred solution to resolving issues in your new home and as the issues have been investigated and highlighted by a highly qualified surveyor, they will be taken far more seriously. • Snagging surveys start at £325 plus VAT

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