What is a building condition survey?

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What is a building condition survey?

If you have ever wondered what is a building condition survey? and do you need one, hopefully this article will be able to explain more about them and if you actually need one.

Let’s look at What is a building condition survey?

Condition Surveys and reports are typically carried out by qualified building surveyors.

He or she will will conduct a detailed survey of the property to ascertain the physical, mechanical and electrical condition of the building.

A condition survey provides vital information about the property.


The survey will also be able to provide essential information in regards to the safety of the building.

Building condition surveys will assist in ensuring the property is safe as well as help to acquire costings for any work that needs to be undertaken.

A building condition survey will be able to identify the scope and priority of any works required.

Often the survey will help you to make a more informed decision when buying a property and help you decide if the purchase is right for you, along with any work that will need to be carried out when settling in.


The condition report will also identify any maintenance requirements that are urgently needed, or any ongoing future repair costs that need to be considered. Again this will help you determine if the property is right for you, which, may not be the case if you want a property that will have ow maintenance

Condition Surveys are ideal not only for domestic property but also for schools, universities, or other government buildings.

The survey can also provide costings for any works that may need to be carried out, which, help to manage maintenance budgets.

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