What Does A Damp Surveyor Do?

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Are you considering booking a damp surveyor?

This guide will help you understand what a surveyor will be looking for when they carry out a damp survey

What Does A Damp Surveyor Do is the big question.

A Damp Surveyor is a qualified professional damp survey expert and can provide a guaranteed diagnosis of damp problems within any type and style of property, commercial or domestic.

If you ever wondered What Does A Damp Surveyor Do? This handy guide will explain?

Where Would I Start When Needing A Damp Surveyor?

For obvious reasons you wouldn’t need a damp surveyor if you didn’t have a damp problem in your home or property, therefore, most clients will have identified some reason to suspect that damp is occurring in their home, or building to need to call or contact a surveyor.

Typically most people will have an indication that they have damp, perhaps it is something that they have experienced in the past, but finding the source of the damp isn’t so easy without the assistance of a specialists damp surveyors knowledge and equipment.

The first thing you want to do when identifying damp in your home and unable to establish where it could be coming from is to speak to an advisor, who will explain the process to you and how the damp surveyor will assess the damp problem within your property.

What Processes Does A Damp Surveyor Follow To Ascertain The True Cause & Extent Of The Issues

External Damp Survey

Initially the damp surveyor will undertake a detailed external survey of the property, which, includes;

  • An assessment of any chimney stacks for defects or deterioration.
  • Assessment of the roof and guttering for defects and deterioration.
  • Also an assessment of the elevations, taking into account deterioration to any render, brickwork or stonework and the mortar joints. Included is the condition of any windows or doors.
  • The damp surveyor will also take into account the topography (land gradients) of the property along with the ground levels.
  • If terraced or attached, the damp surveyor will also assess any adjoining properties, in order to ascertain if any adjacent deterioration or defects are affecting the main property.

This provides a full understanding of the exterior condition and an indication of any issues that could be contributing to moisture ingress into the structure.

Internal Damp survey

Internally for each room or the affected rooms, the damp surveyor will undertake a detailed investigation, which, includes;

  • A moisture content & relative damp mapping survey on the walls and floors, in order to ascertain any areas of interest or concern.
  • Thermal imaging is undertaken in order to ascertain the spread and extent of the damp and also to highlight any potential source points.
  • If required, salts analysis can be undertaken on site, in order to understand the possible origin of any moisture.
  • We will obtain Relative Humidity and Ambient Temperature levels, in order to ascertain the potential levels of absorbed moisture into the structure.
  • We will assess the existing airborne moisture extraction from the property.

During the survey, the damp surveyor will complete a detailed on site report (examples of damp reports)

Which, will include all of the external assessments undertake, and the risks associated with any issues detected, all of the moisture mapping data obtained  and thermal images of areas of interest. This is combined with any additional survey information gathered.

Alpine Surveys guarantee to resolve all damp issues within your property and will never recommend useless or damaging chemicals or materials.

These could include injection DPC (Damp Proof Course), which will only mask damp issues and cause additional deterioration.

Our damp surveyors have a minimum of 15 years experience resolving damp issues and have gained a leading reputation for the accurate and professional service that we provide.

For a professional damp surveyor in Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Oxford, London or across the south of England, or to arrange a site visit, call 0330 333 9238

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