Two-year-old boy died as a result of mould-infested flat ‘unfit for human habitation’

Government to Announce Awaabs Law To Crackdown On Damp & Mould

Awaab Ishak died shortly after his second birthday in December 2020. His home on an estate in Rochdale was exposed to “extensive” mould for “some considerable time”, a mould and fungus expert told in his inquest.

A two-year-old boy died as a result of extensive mould in his flat, which a surveyor described as “unfit for human habitation”, an inquest has concluded.

Awaab Ishak died shortly after his second birthday on 21 December 2020.


Coroner Joanne Kearsley found that he “died as a result of a severe respiratory condition caused due to prolonged exposure to mould in his home environment.”

She added: “Action to treat and prevent the mould was not taken.”

Describing the property, on Rochdale’s Freehold estate, the coroner said it “had inadequate ventilation and was not equipped for normal day to day living activities which led to excess damp and condensation”.

It had “extensive mould” on the walls and ceilings of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for “some considerable time”, Rochdale Coroners Court heard.

Awaab was rushed to hospital on 19 December after struggling to breathe but was discharged the following morning, the coroner was told.

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