Timber & Damp Surveys in Gloucester

Damp Surveys in Gloucester

Damp & timber problems in the home can be stressful for many homeowners in Gloucester, or anywhere else for that matter.

When discovering damp or mould issues in a property, the first and correct course of action would be to have a professional damp survey carried out. Alpine Surveys provide Timber & Damp Surveys in Gloucester

It’s never a good feeling discovering damp in a property, least not if you are buying the property. It can be costly to rectify if not addressed early, or if the wrong diagnosis is provided.

It is important when suspecting you have damp issues, to use a reputable and trusted independent damp surveyor.

An independent damp surveying company that covers Gloucester area, will be able to locate the true source of your damp problem.

Once the source of damp has been identified, a detailed and comprehensive damp report can be provided.

The recommendations within the damp report will provide a solution to your damp problems.

timber and damp surveys in Gloucester

There are many companies who want to sell you unnecessary services!

These days, there are far too many companies in Gloucester, Stroud, Chippenham, Cheltenham, Bristol, etc attempting to sell unnecessary damp solutions in the form of Chemical Injection, or Damp Proof Courses.

Our Timber & Damp Surveys in Gloucester provide you with the correct solution. Furthermore, we will never try to convince you that you have rising damp, which is simply a myth.

In fact, Stephen Boniface, the former chairman of the construction arm of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), has told the institute’s 40,000 members that ‘true rising damp’ is a myth and chemically injected damp-proof courses (DPC) are ‘a complete waste of money’

chemically injected damp-proof courses (DPC) are ‘a complete waste of money’

From the moment you make contact with Alpine Surveys, we provide the following,

  • Friendly, honest, professional and trusted advice
  • A qualified building surveyor who is an expert in damp problems
  • Detailed comprehensive damp report
  • Updates on time and date of visit
  • Recommendations on how to resolve the damp problem
  • Ongoing customer support

Damp problems can often easily be rectified with the correct survey carried out.

When damp is causing an issue, whether it’s because you are buying a new home, or if it is your own home, it can usually cause a headache. But more often than not, it doesn’t have to.

With a professional independent survey carried out, often a simple change in lifestyle habit is enough to resolve the damp problem!

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