Combined with many years of experience and knowledge, our Surveyors are equipped with the latest in technology and equipment that allows us to analyse and assess the most troublesome of damp issues.

Below is a description of the equipment used, and how it helps us arrive at the correct conclusion when surveying our client’s properties.

Thermal Imaging:

Using the latest in Flir Thermal Imaging technology with MBX, we are able to view not only heat pools within your property, but also cold pools.

Buildings can be thoroughly scanned using our Flir Thermal Imaging camera, identifying problem areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Thermal Imaging can facilitate repairs quickly and thoroughly, and is much more cost effective than other conventional methods that can be intrusive.

We utilise the very best, and specifically designed cameras for building inspections, the Flir Ebx models.

The cameras are specifically designed for building inspections such as moisture detection, leak detection, insulation problems and much more.

The thermal imaging camera converts surface temperature into a colour coded image of the view.

With our knowledge and experience, this allows us to ascertain what is happening beneath the surface, and the extent of the issue.

Surveying Equipment

The FLIR E60bx Infrared Camera offers an impressive level of thermal image quality and temperature sensitivity, designed to bring point and shoot operation to building applications.

With the FLIR E60bx thermal camera in hand, users can quickly perform building diagnostics and detect problems ranging from insulation defects and air leaks to thermal bridges and electrical faults.

The E60bx camera has the precision to show exactly where energy losses and anomalies are so that they can be quickly dealt with.

Thermography Survey Methods

The new automatic screen orientation feature allows users to switch between landscape and portrait views while keeping temperature measurement overlays upright, particularly useful when rotating the camera to inspect taller objects.

As with all cameras in the Ebx-series, the E60bx imager enables wireless transfer of infrared images to mobile devices for further investigation and analysis, significantly speeding up the thermal inspection process.

In addition the FLIR E60bx thermal imaging camera has advanced measurement analysis tools including thermal fusion, picture in picture, MSX imaging, the ability to create instant reports directly on the touch screen and a digital camera so that temperature data and infrared images can be associated with the real-life target.

The FLIR E54 is your entry into the Exx-Series, offering the resolution and sensitivity you need for basic condition monitoring, electrical/mechanical inspection, and building inspection.

The 320 × 240 pixel thermal detector accurately measures temperatures up to 650°C (1202°F) and produces crisp, vibrant imagery that can be enhanced with patented FLIR MSX® technology for added detail and perspective. Onboard FLIR Inspection Rute feature runs pre-planned survey routes to help inspectors stay organised when surveying large or multiple locations.

Leak Detection Surveys FAQ

Using the Flir T1010 our surveyors can ascertain the source of moisture ingress, as well as the extent of deterioration it may have caused.  

Utilising the power of FLIR Vision Processing, our surveyors can deliver detailed, smooth pictures with very little image noise.

FLIR Vision Processing combines HD resolution, MSX®, and UltraMax image enhancement with FLIR’s proprietary adaptive filtering algorithms to produce brilliant thermal images with up to 3.1 million pixels.

In addition, the Flir T1010 is sensitive enough to detect temperature differences down to <20 mK, resulting in a more thorough inspection.

Flir T1010

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