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A Heat Loss Survey On Your Property Could Save You A Small Fortune.

There is an ever-increasing concern over the cost of energy, with more increases expected shortly. Our energy Heat Loss Surveys can save you money.

We are being advised that energy costs per household could rise to as much as £3000 per year, and with so many properties not assessed for savings, there are increased levels of unnecessary financial costs and losses.

To gain a complete understanding of the property, our detailed survey encompasses the following procedures

External Assessment:

  • Full detailed external assessment of the property is undertaken to assess deterioration that will increase the risk of energy loss. This includes the roof and elevations.
  • The structure type is ascertained, along with confirmation if cavity insulation is present
  • The windows and doors are assessed for condition and defects
  • Thermal Imaging is undertaken to confirm areas of heat loss
  • A cavity inspection is undertaken if required to confirm the presence of insulation or to check the insulation


Internal Assessment:

  • The roof space is assessed for insulation and the levels of insulation
  • Thermal Imaging is undertaken to confirm areas of cold air ingress
  • Thermal Imaging is undertaken to assess the spread of cavity insulation if present
  • The windows and doors are assessed internally
  • Underfloor insulation is assessed

Our surveyors will also assess any other elements of insulation and will advise on where insulation can be increased and heat losses can be reduced.

What Does A Heat Loss Survey Tell Me?

  • A heat loss survey can detect heat loss through the cavity walls
  • Check the suitability of the insulation with the cavity walls if fitted
  • Check the effectiveness and efficiency of the loft/roof insulation
  • Ensure that you have an adequate thickness of insulation within the property
  • Locate and detect areas of increased thermal escape, for example, windows, doors and walls
  • Provide advice on how to reduce heat loss, potentially reducing your energy costs significantly.
  • Detect cold air ingress

What Equipment Do We Use?

Using the latest in Flir Thermal Imaging technology with MBX, we are able to view not only heat pools within your property but also cold pools.

Buildings can be thoroughly scanned using our Flir Thermal Imaging camera, identifying problem areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

We also use Damp Detectors which provide us with a detailed analysis of the moisture levels within the property.

Leak Detection Surveys FAQ

We utilise the very best, and specifically designed cameras for building inspections, the Flir Ebx models. These cameras are specifically designed for building inspections, such as moisture detection, leak detection, insulation problems, and much more.

We may also use the DJI Mavic Enterprise Thermal Imaging Drone, which, produces thermal representations of your roof and walls and identifies major heat loss areas.

Our Surveys Are Undertaken on Domestic & Commercial Buildings, Including,

  • A building that is being purchased
  • All listed buildings
  • Places of worship and churches
  • Community centres and village halls
  • Schools and universities
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Hospitals
  • Buildings of all ages
  • Buildings currently being developed or renovated
  • Peace of mind surveys for current owners

Energy Efficiency Grants And Support Schemes 

There are currently a number of government and energy supplier grants and funding available. Some will provide free upgrades to your insulation within your home, others offer to install cavity wall insulation.

It pays to do some research and find out if there is any help and support available to you.

Alpine Surveys Are Totally Independent

Once Alpine Surveys have provided a report detailing the current heat loss from your property you should then consult the necessary contractor to carry out the works needed in the recommendations. Alpine Surveys do not carry out any of the works or supply any materials or products.

In some cases, there are recommendations that can be easily carried out by a competent person or the homeowner, such as installing thermal draft excluder strips around doors or windows or adding loft insulation.

Will I Get A Detailed Report?

You will receive a detailed Heat Loss Survey Report of our surveyor’s findings. Within the Heat Loss Survey Report, there will be recommendations to reduce the loss of energy from your property, detailed explanations and images of any concerns illustrating any issues picked up by the thermal imaging camera

Are Alpine Surveys Surveyors Qualified?

Alpine Surveys heat loss surveys are carried out either by experienced professionals with many years of experience or qualified building surveyors.

An energy heat loss survey not only helps to reduce wasted energy & money from your home but it could also be helping the environment!

Heat loss Surveys in Poole Dorset


We determine weak spots in structures where heat loss occurs & test the efficiency of your insulation.

A Heat Loss Survey could save you up to 50% on your energy costs by highlighting areas of your property that are causing heat loss, cold ingress and improvements on insulation and heating.

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    A detailed comprehensive Heat Loss Surveys report along with recommendations is provided after completion

    Energy ratings (U values), as well as suitable recommendations for upgrades using renewable energy, will be discussed and recommended such as air source heat pumps, efficient boilers, and solar panels…

    Level 1 Heat Loss Surveys

    A more simplified version of our comprehensive Level 2 Heat Loss Survey report along with recommendations to reduce energy loss by providing practical and affordable solutions

    The Level 1 Heat Loss Survey has been tailored for the client that does not wish to have a complete detailed assessment of their property but wishes to understand purely where heat is being lost, and where cold air is entering their property.

    We will undertake the survey utilising the latest in Flir Thermal Imaging, and thereafter provide a detailed report of our findings, including all Thermal Imaging and effective recommendations to resolve the issues.


    • External Thermal Imaging to establish heat loss from windows, doors and the building fabric
    • A detailed report will be provided with our findings and recommendations to correct the issues
    • External Thermal Imaging – To establish if cavity insulation is consistent
    • Thermal Imaging to detect cold air ingress through the structure or via windows or doors
    • Detailed report on completion


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    Will Damp & Mould Damage My Home?


    We cover a range of factors that will identify weak spots in your property, as well as the energy efficiency of your current insulation, boiler, windows and doors.

    • Exterior insulation (board) assessed
    • Internal insulation assessed
    • Boiler efficiency 
    • Insulation efficiency rating
    • Advice on alternative sources
    • Advice on Solar, Air Source Heat Pumps etc
    • Comprehensive detailed report
    • Recommendations for improvements
    • Details of U-Ratings 
    • Thermal imaging report
    • Moisture mapping results
    • Qualified Building Surveyors

    Unlike other companies offering Heat Loss Surveys, our Heat Loss Surveys are incredibly detailed and informative and provide comprehensive information on damp and moisture, cold air ingress, alternative heat sources, insulation recommendations, solar-powered systems, Air Source Heat Pumps, underfloor heating systems and even wind turbines!*

    Please do not compare our prices with our competitors until you have fully understood the difference in the level of reporting you will receive from us.

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    Sample Heat Loss Report 

    View a sample of our heat loss report/ Please note, our reports are bespoke to each property/client, therefore we tailor them to suit your exact needs.

    Sample Report
    damp surveys


    Contact a member of our team for help, advice and support on how Alpine Surveys can assess and help to improve the efficiency of your home.

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      • Some details mentioned are not included in the Level 1 Heat Loss Survey, such as details on heat pumps, solar, and cavity wall insulation. For a comprehensive report please opt for the Level 2 Heat Loss Survey.