Independent Property Surveyors


Thermal imaging, building, leak detection and heat loss Survey specialists

Alpine Surveys have decades of experience surveying both domestic & commercial properties of all ages and construction types.

We are specialists in the surveying of historic and listed properties, and for utilising the latest in survey technology, which is combined with our extensive experience. Thermal Imaging is a survey process that we have been utilising for over 12 years, in all aspects of property surveys and detection of leaks, water/moisture ingress into buildings and heat loss surveys for energy assessments. 


Alpine Surveys provide detailed and in depth Thermal Imaging surveys of all properties, Domestic and Commercial. Our extensive external and internal Thermographic assessments provide a complete understanding of a properties condition at that point in time, and ascertain the predicted future deterioration and structural issues.

Our reports provide vital information, for existing or potential owners to understand the level of expenditure required to maintain, or correct a property. In addition, the survey and report allows the client to make structured plans for the required works, based on timescales and predicted expenditure.

Combined with our Structural or Condition Surveys, our Surveyors assess in detail the exterior and interior of the building, noting all defects and deterioration, along with incorrect building works that have been completed, and incorrect materials used.

Our surveys are undertaken on all buildings including:

  • Buildings that are being purchased
  • All listed buildings
  • Buildings of all ages
  • Buildings currently being developed or renovated
  • Piece of mind surveys for current owners
Sample heat loss survey
Heat loss surveys

We also undertake partial Thermal Imaging surveys, known to us as Areas Of Concern Surveys. The areas required will be agreed at the enquiry stage.

Thermal Imaging assesses the differences in surface temperature of the structure, and converts the temperature data into a pictorial format. This allows us to fully understand the property, and determine areas of concern such as water or moisture ingress, and likewise heat loss from a building.

We undertake internal, external and aerial Thermal Imaging surveys, which allows us to obtain the maximum amount of data. On completion we provide detailed reports, recognised as some of the most in-depth in the country, detailing all defects and deterioration noted, along with our recommendations to rectify the issues.

We utilise the latest in Flir Thermal Imaging technology, designed and calibrated for building survey assessments, combined with DJI commercial drones capable of undertaking aerial Thermal Imaging surveys.


Alpine Surveys are an independent building surveying company, and therefore have no interest in financial rewards from building remedial works or repairs.

We aim to provide you with a totally unbiased Thermal Imaging survey, in order that you have a true understanding of the issues that you may have.

Unfortunately there are many companies that will provide a “Free Survey” with the hope of selling expensive remedial works at the end of the survey sometimes costing many thousands of pounds, and on many occasions, they are not required.

With the correct survey and diagnosis, in many situations the rectifications are non expensive. The key is to be thorough in the survey approach, and locate all of the actual defects and deterioration within the property, in order that a complete condition understanding is gained, and in turn repairs can be costed and planned.