Thermal Imaging Surveys: What Can You Use It For?

Independent Property Surveyors

Thermal imaging can be used to help facilitate repairs quickly and thoroughly.

It is a much more cost-effective alternative than other conventional methods that can be intrusive. Here at Alpine Surveys, we utilise the very best, and specifically designed cameras for building inspections, the Flir Ebx models. The cameras are specifically designed for building inspections such as moisture detection, leak detection, insulation problems and much more.

Locating insulation in a building

Putting insulation throughout your house when building/renovating it is essential. The insulation keeps hot and cold from infiltrating a building. A well-insulated property is very energy efficient.

Checking for water ingress

Water ingress happens when water makes its way into a building. A thermal imaging survey can be done to find out accurately where the water is making its way through. People often use the thermal imaging survey service so that they can resolve the issue before it causes a large amount of damage to the property.

Finding damp/mould areas

Mould is a fungal growth caused by excess moisture. If left to grow and spread, it can ruin walls and decorated parts throughout a home. Not only this, mould and damp patches if left alone can cause health issues.

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