Why Choose Alpine Structural?

With decades of property survey experience, and fully qualified Building Surveyors all of which are Certified Surveyors in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW), we guarantee to resolve all structural issues, and are the first call for all Structural calculations and design requirements. 

Why choose Alpine Structural for your Building Survey requirements?

  • We are totally independent of all contractors
  • Fully qualified Building Surveyors
  • We have over 30+ years of surveying experience
  • Alpine Structural provide detailed reports of our findings and recommendations
  • Domestic and Commercial properties assessed and surveyed
  • Alpine Structural have offices and Surveyors that cover Central & Southern England, Greater London.

Alpine Surveys are a consultancy who offer a first class service to those who need it. Specialising in Structural Waterproofing, we are able to do an initial survey on your property to ensure the correct building works will be detailed and undertaken to the correct and at a high standard by your builder.

Structural Waterproofing is the technical term used for the act of waterproofing any structure.

As defined by The British Standard 8102:2009, there are 3 different types of Structural Waterproofing: Type A, B and C.

Type A: Is a protective barrier to protect the structure against water ingress. ‘Type A Structural Waterproofing’ is often applied to the external side of a structure.

Type B: Structural integral protection seals the joists and protrusions in order to provide a reinforced concrete structure that is also water tight.

Type C: Is a drained protection type. It is applied internally to the structure to allow for a cavity drain waterproofing system.

A combination of these 3 specific structural waterproofing types and methods will provide an environment that meets the current standards and regulations.

Structures that may require structural waterproofing

  • Underground carparks
  • Cellars
  • Basements
  • Tunnels

The British Standard 8102:2009 states that it recommends that new structures have the waterproofing design, construction process and structural designs. These all go hand-in-hand and often work together.

Alpine Surveys have decades of experience in undertaking accurate and detailed assessments and surveys. After every survey, we will provide an in-depth and detailed report along with recommendations for any potential remedial/rectification works.

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