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  • Locally employed & qualified Engineers
  • ALL INCLUSIVE RATES (No added extras)
  • Over 30 years of building experience
  • The latest is structural design technology
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Property Structural Calculations & Design

All of our Structural Engineers have substantial experience regarding the working out of Structural Calculations and design for a diverse range of products.

Structural Calculations are detailed workings out that are performed before a construction or design project is undertaken.

They are important first because they are a requirement set by Building Regulations.

Structural Calculations will allow you to be aware of any potential risks, without the calculations, there is no assurance that your walls will support the second floor of your building for example.

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Structural Drawings

Using specialist equipment and programmes, such as Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design), Tekla Tedds and SketchUp our Structural Engineers are able to design and complete Structural Drawings to a high standard and meet the requirements of all building regulations and codes of practice.

A structural drawing often forms a plan or a set of plans for how a building or any sort of structure is built.

The drawings are important because they will include information on load-carrying additions to a structure, as well as connection details for the various members.

They will clearly outline what is needed in the project and confirm the types of materials needed along with their sizes.

Our Structural Engineer will take measurements at a site visit, to enable the preparation of a floor plan, section, and elevations. We measure the distances between walls, ceiling height, wall thickness, ceiling thickness and assess any weight bearing down from above.

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No Hidden Extras!

No hidden costs or surprises. All our structural designs and calculations come complete with all the specifications your builder needs, unlike some companies who will charge you extra for additional details such as connection details, design etc. 

A Complete Package

Our fixed fee design and calculations package is provided to ensure that the contractors have everything they need to carry out your project without delays from us. We DO NOT charge you extra for, site visits, designs or reports and do not hold back information to charge you more. 

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Over 500 Customer Reviews & 1000’s of Satisfied Clients

Alpine Surveys have achieved an excellent reputation within the industry for being competitively priced whilst consistently providing a professional and consistently accurate service.




Building Regulation Design

Using our structural engineering services, one of our expert design engineers will create technical drawings. These will prove your project is compliant with building regulations such as drainage and fire safety.



Structural Calculations

Our expert design engineer will apply their construction and material knowledge to your bespoke design, making all the necessary calculations and ensuring the build process throughout is structurally sound.



Final design and plans

Finally, we will put together all the calculations and plans for your project which can simply be handed to Building Control or your contractor. From here on in, your build process can continue.

Our structural engineers are Members of the Institute of Civil Engineers

Structural Engineering Calculations & Design

  • Fully qualified Structural Design Engineers
  • Our engineers hold MSc, BSc, PhD, MICE, CEng, RICS Accreditation
  • Domestic and Commercial Properties
  • Over 15 years of surveying experience
  • In-depth comprehensive detailed reports
  • All projects from a load-bearing beam to a commercial complex 

What is included in the Structural Calculations?

  • Our Structural Engineer will guide you through your project and provide support from start to finish
  • They will be looking at potential risks to the build
  • Provide information on the foundations (if requested) and how they will/should be dug along with the requirements and measurements
  • Details of any reinforcements that are needed, e.g. steel and concrete reinforcements.
  • Potential improvements that could be made to the building plan.



Alpine Surveys are available to assist, design and calculate all the critical structural elements required for a timber framed building, alteration, conservatory, extension, loft conversion or new build


BS 5268 is a compendium of Codes covering the structural use of timber. It brings together design stresses, design methods, and some general guidance on the structural use of timber

All our designs and calculations are carried out to strict regulatory standards, offering you peace of mind. 

Alpine Surveys go one step further and triple-check all our designs and calculations prior to being submitted to the client to ensure no unforeseen problems occur down the line.

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A wide range of Structural Engineering Calculations & Design services offered

  • Structural engineer for a loft conversion
  • Loft conversion structural calculations
  • Structural engineer for an attic conversion
  • Structural calculations for house extension
  • Loft structural engineer
  • Structural engineer attic conversion
  • Structural calculations for extension
  • Loft conversion structural design
  • Structural engineer calculations for a loft conversion
  • House extension structural calculations
  • Loft structural calculations
  • Structural engineer calcs
  • Structural engineer beam calculations
  • Property extension structural calculations


  • Structural calculations
  • Structural engineer steel beam calculations
  • Calculations for RSJ
  • Calculations for concrete footings
  • Timber beam calculations
  • Building control structural calculations
  • Load-bearing wall removal calculations
  • Masonry arch design calculations
  • Timber roof truss design calculations
  • Calculations for RSJ building regulations
  • Retaining wall design calculations
  • Steel beam design calculation
  • Roof structural calculations
  • Structural design of building calculations
  • Steel column design calculations

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    Our Structural Surveyors and Engineers are proud to have attained some of the highest academic qualifications within the industry. 

    All are qualified to a very high standard and most have the following,

    • MSc – Master of Science in Civil Engineering
    • BSc – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 
    • PhD – Doctorate degree in Civil Engineering
    • MICE – Member of the Institute of Chartered Engineering
    • CEng – Chartered Civil Engineer
    • Civil Eng – Civil Engineer
    • GMICE – Graduate Member of the Institute of Chartered Engineers
    • cPCM – Chartered Project Construction Manager (RICS)
    • CIOB – Chartered Institute of Building 
    • PMI – Project Management Institute
    • APM – Association for Project Management


    Outstanding Service

    Outstanding service from the very first phone call to the completion of the service.

    The support team behind the phone were informative and helpful, addressing all questions about the service, which was exceeded by the expert who surveyed the house.

    The expert was very pleasant, supportive and tried to accommodate any concerns or specific problems.

    Alpine Surveys really aim to deliver an excellent service and outcomes. Thank you!!


    We provide Structural Engineering Calculations & Drawings for Domestic & Commercial Buildings

    We can supply structural calculations and drawings for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to,

    • Loft conversions
    • Conservatories
    • Foundations
    • Steel beams
    • Conservatories
    • Building extensions
    • Commercial projects
    • Industrial building designs

    We cover a wide range of Structural Drawings & Calculations Services

    • Structural calculations
    • Structural drawings
    • Structural consultants London
    • Structural Engineers Greater London
    • Structural Drawings & Calculations

    Domestic and Commercial Property Structural Consultancy

    • Domestic Structural Surveyors
    • Commercial Structural Surveyors
    • Domestic Structural Building Consultant
    • Commercial Structural Drawings & Diagrams
    • Structural Beam Calculations
    • Structural Drawings for Lofts and Extensions