Structural Surveys & Calculations Birmingham

Structural Surveys & Calculations Birmingham

Structural calculations and designs are an essential part of any building project and a requirement before any work commences

Structural surveys are a critical element in any building project. The main purpose of Structural Surveys & Calculations Birmingham is to provide accurate calculations of loads and measurements.

Removing Load Bearing Walls To Open Up A Room (Internal Walls)

Before you begin removing walls in your property, you need to be certain that the wall is not load-bearing. A structural surveyor will assess the wall, and the structure above and report on their findings.

Within the report, following a structural survey, there may be recommendations for the insertion of a supporting beam to provide support for the remaining structure, after the removal of a load-bearing wall.

A structural engineer will be able to calculate and design a beam suitable for the replacement of the load-bearing wall.

A builder will then be able to insert props prior to removing the load-bearing wall to support the structure. The calculations and design would have provided sufficient information for the design of the beam that will then provide support.

Structural Surveys & Calculations Birmingham – Cracks in Property

Structural surveys are not just carried out to assess load-bearing walls. Another reason to have a site visit from a structural surveyor is to assess and investigate cracks in brickwork or stonework.

Often caused by movement, cracks in brickwork or stonework can indicate subsidence, ground movement, deterioration or substandard material failure.

If you have discovered cracks in your property, internally or externally, it is advisable to instruct a company such as Alpine Surveys to provide Structural Surveys & Calculations in Birmingham

Who Are The Institute of Structural Engineers?

The Institute of Structural Engineers is a governing body responsible for ensuring consistency throughout the structural industry. Members of the organisation must maintain high levels of quality and consistency for all structural related services.

Common reasons why you would need Structural Surveys & Calculations carried out in Birmingham

  • Removing a load bearing wall
  • Chimney stack removal
  • Planning to build an extension on your property
  • New house build project or self-build





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