Structural Surveyors London

Structural Surveyors London

What do Structural Surveyors in London do and when would I need one?

The Role of a Structural Surveyor

Structural Surveyors London provide a professional service to assist and support clients who are looking to have building work carried out or alterations made to their home. A Structural Surveyor will provide assistance by calculating and designing all the structural elements of the proposed works to ensure that the structural load-bearing elements of any design meet current Building Regulations. The documents provided also offers assurance to any potential buyers of the property.

Why Would I Need A Structural Surveyor London?

Some of the reasons you made have the need to instruct a Structural Surveyor in London, 

  • You are having an extension built
  • The removal of a chimney stack/breast
  • Constructing a loft extension
  • Removing a partition wall
  • Reconstructing the floor, wall or roof of a building
  • Building a new home/property
  • Commercial reasons, such as to assess the structural integrity of a warehouse

There are many reasons why you may need a Structural Engineer or Structural Surveyor and the list above is just a small example.

Structural Surveyors London

How Long Does A Structural Survey London Take?

A structural surveyor will typically take 2 – 4 hours to fully assess and investigate a property if a full survey is being carried out. For example, a GSI (General Structural Inspection) will cover the entire property

An SSI, (Specific Structural Inspection), will cover a specific structural concern, such as a crack on an external wall. Obviously, an SSI will take less time to complete than a GSI.

What Is The Difference Between SSI and GSI Structural Surveys?

As briefly mentioned above some people refer to structural surveys as GSI and SSI.

GSI Surveys (General Structural Inspection) 

A GSI will focus predominately on a broader range of issues within a property. For example, it will involve a thorough inspection of the property to assess if there are any subsidence issues. Generally, the GSI is the best option for homebuyers, as this type of survey provides a much clearer understanding of the structural condition of the property.

SSI (Specific Structural Inspection) 

An SSI will focus predominately on specific structural concerns, such as cracks in the walls, lintels, or a partition wall inside the property that the owner wishes to remove. An SSI, is commonly the survey to choose for minor structural issues.

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