Structural Survey Do I Need One?

Structural Survey Do I Need One?

Structural Survey Do I Need One?

A Structural Survey Or Property Inspection Is A Detailed Survey Of A Building That Aims To Assess The Structural Integrity Of The Building.

The survey will identify any defects within the property and a detailed report is provided to the owner advising on how to rectify any areas of concern.

What Does A Structural Surveyor Do? 

When a structural survey is carried out by a qualified surveyor, he or she will be looking for structural degradation, damp, mould, rot in wood and many other factors that would affect the buildings integrity.
Most qualified surveyors are members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
A RICS qualified surveyor will have professional indemnity insurance, extensive knowledge and relevant surveying qualifications enabling them to perform a
thorough detailed inspection.

Property Survey Costs Vary And Is Heavily Dependent On

  • The surveyors experience and qualifications
  • The size of the property
  • The type of property, such as a listed building or unusual property like a castle.
  • The surveyor’s knowledge and expertise
  • Access to parts of the building (for example a church, whereby a drone may be used to inspect areas out of reach)

Do I Need A Structural Survey?

We would particularly recommend a property survey to be carried out if:
  • You have any worries about any part of the property, or part of the property is suffering from damp, mould or degradation.
  • If you feel unsure about what sort of condition the property is in and what peace of mind of clarification.
  • Maybe you are looking to buy an old or unusual property, such as a listed building, a castle, an old barn or a lighthouse?
  • The property has a thatched roof, or is a timber framed building
  • You have, or intend to purchase, a building which is listed

What Type Of Survey Do I Need? 

There are several types of surveys and each one depends on your budget and needs.
Types of building surveys include,
  • Homebuyer Survey
  • Condition Report
  • Structural Survey
  • Damp Survey
  • Mould Survey
  • Timber Survey
  • Property Survey
  • Aerial Survey
  • Party Wall Act Survey
  • Level 2 Building Survey
  • Level 3 Building Survey
  • Listed Building Survey
  • Heritage Building Survey
  • RICS Building Survey
  • Snagging Report / Survey
A condition report is the most basic survey and costs approximately £350. A condition report may not provide you with comprehensive information about the property, but it may put your mind at ease. If any defects or concerns are identified during a condition report it may be worthwhile having a more extensive survey carried out to investigate matters further and out your mind at ease as well as ensure your safety.

What Is A Homebuyers Survey, And Do I Need One? 

A Homebuyers Survey or inspection (Level 2), also known as a Homebuyers Report is a very popular and often the most common survey to have carried out on a property. The homebuyer’s survey is more detailed than a condition report and is the survey of choice for people buying a property. The homebuyer survey will identify any defects within the property and the structural integrity of the property. A homebuyer’s survey could result in saving you a great deal of money and purchasing a property without one, would be a risky decision.

How Much Is A Homebuyers Survey? 

For a professionally qualified surveyor to carry out a homebuyer’s survey, you should expect prices to start from £350, depending on the size and style of the property.
  • From the ground up to roof level, we will survey and ascertain the cause of any building structural defects, and report on the severity, and the implications if not rectified. Crucially, we will provide detailed recommendations for the rectification of the structural issue.
  • Structural Defect Assessments & Reporting
  • ​Structural Movement Monitoring
  • Property Purchase Structural Surveys
  • Structural Surveys For Building Projects, Including Structural Design & Calculations
  • A quality surveyor provides in-depth building and structural survey reports, detailing the structural survey that has been undertaken, the methods used, all of the defects and deterioration assessed, along with the implications, followed by our recommendations to rectify the issues.

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