Structural building Surveys In London

Alpine Structural are experts in resolving structural issues for both domestic and commercial clients

We offer structural surveys to assess and report on the following concerns,

  • Structural Surveys following a homebuyers report
  • Cracks in brickwork or stonework
  • Subsidence issues
  • Structural movement surveys
  • Chimney stack removal
  • Calculations & Design for extensions, load bearing wall removal and loft conversions
  • New build structural design and calculations
  • Surveys to determine load bearing walls & provide calculations/design for supporting beam
  • Design & Calculations for loft conversions, additional rooms etc

Alpine Surveys will always carry out a site visit.

We never compile calculations or design without first visiting the property to get a true understanding of what the project entails.

Our structural engineer will take measurements and work with the client to understand the full scope of their objectives.

With decades of property surveying experience, our fully qualified Structural Engineers, some who have a Masters Degree, and some a PHD in Structural Engineering, guarantee to resolve all structural issues.

Detailed Structural Surveys and assessments are required for many reasons, whether it be to ascertain the cause of known structural defects, to structurally assess a property that is being purchased, or even a new build that has issues which fall under the new build insurance.

Alpine Surveys undertake accurate, independent surveys to the correct standards including specifications according to the correct EurocodesBuilding Regulations and the NHBC National House Build Council guidance.

Alpine Structural have decades of experience in undertaking accurate, detailed Structural and Building Assessments as well as Structural Surveys.

From the ground up to roof level, we will survey and ascertain the cause of any building structural defects, and report on the severity, and the implications if not rectified. Crucially, we will provide detailed recommendations for the rectification of the structural issue.

  • Structural defect assessments & reporting
  • Structural movement monitoring
  • Property purchase structural surveys
  • Structural surveys for building projects, including structural design & calculations


  • What is the cost of a Structural Building Survey?
    Structural Building Survey costs range in price
  • In fact, it is very difficult to list prices accurately due to several factors, including but not limited to; the size of the project or property, location, extensiveness of the reporting and so forth.
    What we will do is promise to provide you with an honest and competitive quote when you contact our experts.
  • How long does a Building Structural Survey take to complete?
    Our surveyor may be on-site for a few hours. He will not rush the structural survey, we identify the importance of ensuring that the report is accurate and contains the correct information
  • How long does it take to get the structural survey report?
    It can take 24 hours or a few days, depending on the amount of information that needs to be entered into the survey report

Why Choose Alpine Structural For Your Building Survey Requirements?

  • Our Structural Engineers are all qualified, some to PhD, the highest level of qualification obtainable.
  • We are totally independent, therefore have no interest in financial gains from recommending remedial works
  • Over 30+ years of surveying experience
  • Detailed building and structural reports of our findings and recommendations
  • Domestic and Commercial properties assessed and surveyed
  • We have offices and Surveyors that cover Central & Southern England, Greater London & Wales
  • Residential Structural Survey
  • Residential Structural Inspection
  • Subsidence Inspection
  • Full Structural Survey London
  • Structural Consultants London
  • Subsidence Report

Sometimes renovation, conversion or extension projects are undertaken without a complete understanding of the current structural condition of the property.

The risk of embarking on a project without this understanding, is a much increased spend on renovation and repair works, or even a structural collapse or similar.

Covering South of England and All towns in Greater London, including:

Acton, Balham, Barnes, Battersea, Bayswater, Bermondsey, Bethnal Green, Bloomsbury, Brixton, Brondesbury, Camberwell, Camden Town, Charlton, Chelsea, Chingford, Chiswick

It Was a Pleasure

“Dealing with Alpine has been a pleasure. The booking staff are very capable, informative and courteous and the surveyors who attended were extremely professional, knowledgeable and reassuring. The report arrived on time and its format and content, logical, precise and clear. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alpine.”

Alpine Structural provide in-depth Structural Building Surveys In London

The structural survey reports provide details of the structural survey that has been undertaken, the methods used and all of the defects and deterioration assessed

In addition, the structural survey report details the implications, followed by our recommendations to rectify the issues.

Unlike many other building surveyors or structural surveying companies, if during the works you have questions or concerns, our structural surveyors will be more than happy to discuss the issues with you, or if necessary return to site.

Alpine Structural are dedicated in providing the highest level of customer care and support, which, applies to all our services, not just our building and structural surveys and services.

Our structural surveyors use the latest building structural surveying testing equipment, and we also utilise methods such as, Thermal Imaging, Micro-bore inspections, and even Aerial Surveys when required.

We are here to help, so please give our team a call to discuss the issues that you have, or a proposed project that you are considering.

Chartered Structural Engineers in London


Examples of our structural engineer survey reports

Sample Structural Reports

Excellent Service

“Mark arrived on time and carried out a full survey and gave me good explanations of the root causes and proposed corrective actions. The report provided the same day with detailed analysis of several issues. We’ve not yet been able to confirm that the proposal will solve the problem, because the suggested works in the proposal are quite expensive and disruptive, but I do believe the Mark has identified the roots of the problem. I hope we can report back good news once we can afford to carry out the works.”

Excellent Quality

The survey report was to an excellent quality. Completely independent and accurate. Would really recommend this survey over the free options out there, which will almost certainly up-sell you a damp proof course that you don’t need! The team were also great, all went above and beyond to answer questions around cost and urgency of recommendations.

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