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There are many ways you can save money on energy bills and with the recent announcement of the rise of energy prices, these few tips may shave a few pounds off your bills.

Will energy prices rise in October?

There is a lot of hot air floating around at present with regard to the exponential rise in energy costs predicted for the future. How much of this is true, is a mystery. Some of it is media hype, whilst clearly, the energy companies are looking to reclaim losses. Either way, being prepared is better than being ill-prepared for what could be a severe blow to household incomes.

Should I cancel my energy bill direct debit?

It probably isn’t advisable to cancel your direct debit with your energy company unless, of course, your financial situation has reached a critical point. If this is the case, it is probably best to contact the company and explain your situation, they may be able to help. One option would be to provide accurate meter readings as often they will provide estimated spending based on the size of the property.

How can I save money on Energy Bills?

There are a number of websites that may be able to help. One of them is Martin Lewis’s website, or another is, . Both websites offer helpful tips and advice on how to save money on energy bills.

Is it worth buying more loft insulation?

The question here is how much loft insulation do you already have? If you only have 75mm of loft insulation, then you may find this isn’t adequate and a further 25mm or even 50mm of loft insulation will provide a much more efficient way of retaining your heat (energy).

Do I need triple glazing?

There is still debate as to whether the cost of triple glazing is worth it when compared to long-term savings. Over the years several surveys have been conducted to determine if triple-glazed windows really are worth the extra money

Will a heat loss survey save me money?

A heat loss survey could well save you money on your energy bills assuming you have the recommendations carried out, which, may include additional loft insulation, door and window seals, or adding more lagging to pipes for example. In extreme cases, the savings of a heat loss survey could be as much as 50%.

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