When we visit a property, we do our best to ensure that any survey being carried out is done so with the safety of the occupiers, the public and our surveyors in mind. 

It is vital that our surveyors do all they can to mitigate any risk to members of the public, our clients and any occupants within the building during the surveying process.

Prior to entering any building, our surveyors will carry out a risk assessment to gauge if there is any risk to themselves, or to other people whilst carrying out the survey.



The most common risks we face on a day-to-day basis range from animals to unstable buildings. When we feel there is a significant risk, either to our own surveyors or the client, we will stop surveying the area and inform the client of the reason. 

Surveying Roof Spaces

When surveying roof spaces, attics, and lofts we must ensure that suitable flooring is available to provide a firm standing for our surveyors. If a loft, attic or roof space is not boarded, we deem it to be unsafe for our surveyors to enter in case of a slip or a trip, resulting in damage to the property or injury to the surveyor. 

In such cases, and where Alpine Surveys had not been advised prior to the survey, the full quoted amount would still be due. It is not our responsibility to determine if the roof space is safe for inspection.

In such instances, we will access the area on a ladder (if safe) but only take images and observations whilst on the ladder. The surveyor will not enter the area if his/her only support is bare joists.

Dogs & Dangerous Animals

Our surveyors are obliged to ask the homeowner/occupier if there are any animals on the property that could cause potential harm. 

Most animals are friendly, but on occasions, some, for example, dogs, can be protective over their territory or their owners and may let our surveyors know this. If our surveyor feels intimidated or unsafe around the animal he will advise the client and the office and we would need to make provisions to isolate the animal in order to complete the survey.

Unsafe Buildings

Where a building has been deemed to be unsafe. Our surveyors reserve the right to leave the building immediately and will not reenter to continue the survey internally. In such circumstances, the client will still be liable for the quoted fee.