Rebranding in memory of Sarah Dobson

Sarah Dobson, co-founder of Alpine Surveys

Alpine Surveys rebranding…

In memory of Sarah Dobson, and in recognition of Sarah’s dedication, commitment and hard work, Alpine has redesigned its company branding, known now as Sarah’s logo. Together Sarah and Mark worked hard for 14 years to create Alpine Surveys, which has become a recognised and respected independent property survey business throughout the South of England.

Sarah worked tirelessly to ensure that we provided a recognised and first-class customer experience from the client’s initial enquiry, through to the report completion, and Sarah’s logo now ensures that she will always remain a part of the business that she worked so hard to build.

Sarah Dobson 1971 to 2022.

2 thoughts on “Rebranding in memory of Sarah Dobson

  1. Chris Seagal says:

    I think this is a beautiful gesture and a wonderful way to honour Sarah’s commitment to the business that she worked tiresley at, right up until the last few days. Her early departure from this world remains immensely unfair but her contribution to the business will remain forever in our thoughts. RIP.

  2. Theresa vincent says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, a great way to keep her memory going and in everyone’s thoughts.

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