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Specialist Timber Surveys in Birmingham carried out by qualified Building Surveyors

  • Guaranteed to resolve all wet & dry rot and infestation issues
  • Historic & Listed Properties surveyed
  • 30+ years experience & the latest in survey technology
  • Thorough & accurate surveys & reports
  • Independent of all damp proofing contractors
  • Offices and Surveyors which cover Central & Southern England & South Wales
  • We never recommend damaging sprays or chemicals, as there is always a non-damaging solution

If left without the correct diagnosis, the deterioration of timber in properties in Birmingham can prove to be very damaging, and in turn increasingly expensive to resolve.

Alpine Surveys are recognised as one of the leading independent survey companies that resolve timber deterioration and rot issues in Birmingham.

Our surveys are renowned for being the most detailed, as we believe that there is only one way to resolve an issue with timber deterioration.

We ensure our reports to clients provide a full understanding of the property, including its construction type, all areas of deterioration, and any incorrect construction methods or materials that have been used.

This is why our timber surveys in Birmingham begin with a thorough assessment of the exterior before we even consider the interior of the property.

Internally our surveyors will assess the timbers individually within the affected area, or the whole building if required, in order to ascertain firstly which timbers are defective.

Thereafter we assess what type of deterioration is affecting the timber (wet rot, dry rot, or beetle/worm infestation), and to what extent.

This can involve drilling the timber with a small drill bit, in order to assess the resistance of the timber, in turn confirming the depth of deterioration, which allows us to determine if the timber can be saved, or if replacement (full or partial) is required.

We will determine the exact cause of deterioration or infestation, which is normally a structural issue, and we will make the correct recommendations to rectify it.

Upon completion of the Timber Survey in Birmingham, we will explain in detail the issues with the property, the timbers of concern, and more importantly, what is required to rectify the issues.

All of this information is included in our detailed reports, which follow within two to three working days of the survey.

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    timber infestation survey
    Timber infestation surveys
    timber infestation survey
    Timber infestation survey
    dry rot surveys
    Dry rot timber surveys

    Different Types of Timber Rot in Birmingham

    There are various ways that timber becomes deteriorated and useless, which includes rotting and being attacked by wood boring insects.

    Many companies will not distinguish the true cause, or in fact the actual type of rot or infestation, and will purely recommend to treat it with chemicals.

    On the vast majority, if not all occasions this is not the answer, and if left incorrectly diagnosed and unresolved, there is a high risk that the issue will return.

    Alpine Surveys have many years of experience in diagnosing such issues with property timber, and recommend the correct remedial works.

    Dry Rot is caused by fungal spores landing on timber, and taking root. However, if the timber is not suitably moist, the fungus can not develop and grow.

    Therefore the correct diagnosis should be made to determine why the rot is spreading within your property.

    When the dry rot begins to develop, grey strands spread across the timber in a web formation, draining the moisture from the timber. The result of the process is that the timber dries out, and in turn, it becomes very brittle and totally useless.

    The fungus will multiply until such time as the web strands become what appears to look like cotton wool, and in turn into a brown-coloured pancake-shaped fungal body which emits thousands of destructive spores into the air.

    Alpine Surveys will undertake the correct survey, in order to diagnose the reason why the Dry Rot has developed, and provide the correct recommendations to eradicate it.

    dry rot surveys dry rot surveys

    Wet Rot is a fungus that develops in areas of timber saturation.

    There are locations where Wet Rot is common, such as areas where water leaks have occurred and are left undiagnosed, external timbers that deteriorate for various reasons and are exposed to rain saturation, and areas that are generally damp, dark and poorly ventilated such as cellars or beneath suspended floors.

    It is necessary to understand why the rot has been able to take hold at the area affected, in order that rectification works prove to be effective.

    Failure to diagnose the true reason, and just treating the affected area, or replacing the timber, is likely to result in a repeat episode.

    Alpine Surveys will investigate the reason for the rot occurring, and will not just recommend the remedial works for correcting the deterioration, but will advise on what is required to stop it returning.

    We guarantee to provide the correct diagnosis and recommendations to resolve it.

    wet rot surveys wet rot surveys

    Historical Buildings & Infestation

    Alpine Damp has gained a recognised reputation for our accurate and independent surveys of Historic & Listed buildings.

    The surveys have included the assessment of historic timber structures, some dating back 800 years. The process that we follow, allows us to assess every individual timber, fully assess it, and report accordingly.

    Please contact us to gain a better understanding of our experience, and why we are trusted to assess and report on such a structure.

    timber surveys

    Known commonly as “Wood Worm”, wood boring insects eat away at suitable timbers within our properties.

    There are various types of woodworm including Longhorn Beetle, Death Watch Beetle, Wood Boring Weevil, and the more common Furniture Beetle.

    The woodworm bore through the timbers, and leave their holes and tunnels, similar to that of a mole underground.

    The result of this is a much weakened timber, that will normally become hollow inside. The first step is to establish if the infestation is live, or is in fact just historic deterioration.

    Alpine Surveys will undertake a survey, in order to ascertain if the infestation is active, the level and extent of deterioration, and in turn will provide the correct recommendations, which is highly unlikely to involve a chemical treatment, as these are mostly useless.

    timber infestation survey

    timber infestation survey


    Sample Timber Survey Reports

    Take a moment to view one of our comprehensive survey reports. We offer a detailed explanation of the issues with images and recommendations as to how to go about rectifying the problems 

    Click here to view the reports

    A complete professional service

    From my initial phone call enquiry, to the actual day of the damp survey and then some follow-up advice to some questions I had after receiving the report, Alpine Surveys provide a complete professional service.

    Mark knows his stuff for sure, a true damp detective who has a wealth of knowledge in this field. We learnt a lot during the survey, Mark explained things clearly as he was carrying out his investigation. He gets to the route of the damp issue rather than trying to recommend a short term fix such as wall injections or installing membranes that don’t allow the walls to breathe.

    Checkatrade Review / Wolverhampton

    A very detailed and thorough report

    We are currently in the process of a house purchase, with numerous damp and structural issues. The services offered by Alpine Damp were much more attractive vs. An intrusive damp survey, as they have state of the art equipment to detect any damp/rot issues.

    Despite a very busy environment at the moment, a very detailed and thorough report was turned over within 48h . Overall, very happy with the quality of the report and turnover time, the team were very knowledgeable and happy to explain and answer all questions we had.

    Checkatrade Review / Birmingham

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