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  • Simply follow any recommendations in the report to resolve your damp or mould problems, guaranteed*. 

What is a damp survey?

A damp survey is carried out to assess and locate the source of damp issues in domestic and commercial properties. If done correctly, it can eliminate damp and mould issues that you may have in your property permanently.

damp surveys
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Damp Survey

Alpine did a damp survey for us, they were brilliant, really helpful and really informative and really easy to deal with. The price was also very competitive. Would highly recommend!

Checkatrade Customer / Bristol

Damp & Timber Survey

The surveyor, Paul, was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. He talked me through issues found, answered my questions and explained his recommendations. An in-depth report was sent within 24 hours of the survey and I now feel confident I know what the problems are and how to rectify them.
Google Review / Dorset

Damp Survey

Alpine Surveys completed a damp survey on our house and I honestly couldn’t be more complimentary. The surveyor took his time, listened to me about the house, explained what he was doing, what his recommendations were, and why. Read more…
Facebook Review / Somerset
Damp surveys

Our Damp Surveys are thorough & include Moisture Mapping and Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging allows us to fully appreciate the moisture within the structure and provides a visual representation for both the Surveyor and the client.

All images taken during the survey are included in our detailed damp survey reports.

On completion of our thorough investigation, our Surveyor will explain in detail the issues detected with the property, the areas of concern and more importantly, what action is required to rectify any damp issues found.

All of this information is included within our reports, which follow within two or three working days, or less, of the survey.

Our Surveyors will never discuss their findings with tenants, or the property owner if surveying for a buyer.

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Why choose Alpine Surveys to carry out your damp survey in Bristol?

Alpine Surveys take great pride in providing quality damp surveys complimented by our detailed trusted reporting & recommendations.

Our clients appreciate the fact that we’re independent damp surveyors and have no interest in selling you chemical products or damp proofing, that will potentially damage your home.  

Damp Classifications

Often incorrectly diagnosed as Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp is caused by water penetrating horizontally or from the “top down”.

A common cause of Penetrating Damp is where rain and wind drive water horizontally into the building structure directly through porous brick work, or through the external covering such as render where defects or deterioration exist.

The penetrated water is attracted by the salts in the structure and the internal warmth, thus drawing it into the property, which in turn causes internal damp.

Another common issue is where the water becomes trapped behind the rendered wall, and it has no escape, therefore leaving only one possibility for evaporation and drying, and that is to pass internally.

This is a common issue with solid walls which have been covered with a non-breathable render, such as cement based, as opposed to Lime based materials.

Penetrating Damp can also enter the property via chimney stacks that have absorbed water, through Parapets, or through a leaking roof. The water will enter the property, and penetrate downwards into the rooms beneath.

On a lower level, Penetrating Damp can be caused by internal and external floor and ground levels being incorrect.

For example where gardens and paths are raised without knowledge above a DPC, thus causing a bridging effect, and therefore allowing water to penetrate the property. This is another common misdiagnosis of Rising Damp, where a simple rectification will resolve the issue.

In an attempt to stop Penetrating Damp from entering the property, cavity walls were introduced in 1932. This provided two wall skins with a cavity air break of normally 50mm.

So long as the cavity remained free of debris or forms of bridging, the solution would remain successful. After 1982 almost all properties built were constructed using a cavity wall design.

As there are so many variants, and ways in which water can penetrate the structure and property, it is vital that a thorough investigation is undertaken in order to diagnose the actual issue, or in many cases issues.

Alpine Damp will do exactly what is required to ascertain the true cause, and provide the minimal recommendations for a positive conclusion, without the need for unnecessary expensive works, including assessing the internal and external levels, surveying the structure for potential defects, and if authorised and necessary, examine the cavity by way of camera inspection.

Even the slightest water leak from an internal or external supply pipe or heating pipe can cause saturation, and in turn internal damp.

Depending on the location of the leak, the damp would resemble either Rising Damp or Penetrating Damp. To an extent it is irrelevant which occurs, as it will be proved as a matter of course during the investigation, and the leak will be pinpointed.

Unlike most other Damp Surveyors, Alpine Damp carry Acoustic leak detection equipment on board including Digital Correlation and Ground Microphone equipment, along with Gas Insertion and Pipe Location equipment.

Please check this when discussing the problem with other companies, as if they are not equipped, you will need to also pay for a Leak Detection survey to pinpoint the leak, whereas Alpine Damp will include it.

Similar to a supply pipe leak, a leak from a sewer or drain could also cause ground saturation, and over time cause internal damp. Alpine Damp are equipped to inspect small bore pipes up to 100mm in dia. In order to check for defects.

Some will say that Rising Damp is a true cause of damp, and will use it as an easy answer when they cannot diagnose the issue correctly.

This is all too often used by companies wishing to sell products such as Chemical Damp Proof courses.

Often you will be advised by these companies to insert a Chemical DPC, hack off the plaster to 1m, apply a vertical membrane, and re-plaster using a Gypsum type plaster.

One question to be asked is why is a vertical membrane required if their Chemical DPC does what they say.

The truth is that they are not rectifying anything, and are trapping moisture within the lower wall section, and stopping it from being visible to the customer by applying the vertical membrane.

The result of this will be increased deterioration levels to the brickwork and mortar.

The fact is that Rising Damp does not exist, although saturation can occur at the base of walls for various reasons.

It is imperative to ascertain and understand the true cause of your low level damp, and rectify the source point. Alpine Surveys will combine an extensive external survey, with a detailed internal survey, and locate the true cause of the damp.

We guarantee that our recommendations will rectify your issue, and our recommendations will never include a new Chemical DPC, or the need to hack off plaster and insert a vertical membrane.

Alpine Damp undertake literally hundreds of successful surveys for both Domestic and Commercial customers throughout Central and Southern England.

Alpine Surveys are totally independent of all damp proofing contractors, and have no interest in financial gain from repair works.

Experts in resolving the true cause of damp within both domestic and commercial properties, therefore ensuring that the correct recommendations are made, which in turn saves our clients financially.

We are totally independent, and therefore have no financial interest in rectification works, and only an interest in providing an accurate survey.

We have literally hundreds of positive feedback from very satisfied clients on our website, and on

There are various forms of damp, and multiple causes.

Alpine Surveyors take their time to establish the true cause of the issues, and in turn provide a detailed report of their findings and recommendations, leaving the client confident that they have a complete understanding of the situation, and exactly what is required to rectify it.

Often experienced in the home is Condensation, recognised by water droplets on windows, black mould in certain areas, and sometimes light mould normally green on items in cupboards.

It is a growing problem that is often misdiagnosed as structural damp, as the visual effects can look very similar, and in turn structural damp is often misdiagnosed as condensation because the surveyor does not take the time to diagnose it accurately.

Unfortunately we are the main cause of condensation in most properties, as with the drive to increase insulation levels in properties, and block out draughts, we are increasing the opportunities for condensation in our properties, and upsetting the balance between the heating, cooling and ventilation within the property.

Everyday living and poor ventilation cause airborne moisture, such as having baths and showers, and steam from cooking which are the most common causes.

The warm moist air fills the property, and is increased with central heating.

The external walls and windows of the property are cooler, and when the warm moist air arrives on these surfaces it condensates causing water droplets.

On windows it is easy to see, and to most people obvious what it is, however the gradual saturation of walls due to condensation is less obvious, and is very often thought to be structural damp.

It is a fact that of all the damp related issues, Condensation is the one that is mostly misdiagnosed, and which people end up spending thousands to resolve with chemicals and surface coatings, when in fact a life change can resolve if not reduce it.

There is only one certain way to be sure if the issue is condensation, or a more serious issue of structural damp, and that it to undertake a detailed investigation.

Alpine Damp will determine if condensation is the problem, or structural damp by numerous methods including ascertaining the dew point level in the property, obtaining moisture content levels of the structure, and by Thermal Imaging to name just a few.

Trusted by thousands, Alpine Surveys provide honest surveys throughout the South of England and Greater London.

Our Damp Surveys have included properties up to 800 years old, in addition, we also provide damp surveys for listed and historic buildings.

We have gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience of the expected defects and deterioration from damp surveys, along with understanding the difference between the causes of damp in such properties compared with modern construction.

If you have a damp issue with a historic or listed property, please contact us to arrange a damp survey whereby we will be happy to explain the detailed process

Why Is It Advised Not To Have Damp Proof Injection?

Stephen Boniface, who was the former chairman of the construction arm of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), has told the institute’s members that ‘true rising damp is a myth and chemically injected DPC’s (damp-proof courses) are a ‘complete waste of money. He further stated, “the most likely causes of damp are moisture penetration and, most commonly condensation”.

In response to Boniface’s statement Elaine Blackett-Ord, chair of the Register of Architects Accredited in Building Conservation, also spoke out against rising damp, implying and emphasising what a rarity it is, also exclaimed “This self-perpetuating industry is believed to be worth over £200 million per year.”

Read more >


Is damp & mould harmful to human health if left untreated?
Damp and mould can be harmful to humans if left untreated. Common symptoms include asthma, respiratory diseases, headaches, and skin irritation.

How will I know if I have rising damp?
You will never know if you have rising damp because it’s a myth. Rising damp is a fallacy, read this article to find out more. Damp-proof injection services are often miss-sold to unsuspecting homeowners. It is common that damp proof injection services can cause more harm to the property. 

What are the causes of damp?
Damp is caused by a number of factors, some being relatively simple to rectify, whilst others can be slightly more challenging and costly. Examples of the cause of damp included lifestyle habits (drying clothes without adequate ventilation or leaving wet towels about the house after showering or bathing). Other common reasons for damp include water or moisture ingress.

How can a surveyor find damp and what equipment do they use? 
A professional damp surveyor, who will also be a qualified building surveyor, will use a variety of tools and devices to determine the true cause of any damp problem. Some of the methods used can be found here. Damp meters and thermal imaging cameras assist the surveyors in identifying the source of the problem.

Do the reports come with recommendations to fix the damp problems?
Yes, the report comes with recommendations as to how to rectify the issues caused by the damp. If requested we can provide a guide price also for the cost of remedial works. 

Always get a professional opinion from an independent damp surveyor if a company has recommended that you have Rising Damp. 

Independent Damp Surveys in Bristol that are Guaranteed to Resolve Your Damp Problem

With over 30 years of experience, Alpine Surveys have gained a reputation for being experts in diagnosing damp problems. Damp can be problematic within any Domestic or Commercial property and if left untreated, can cause structural issues and even health problems.

Alpine Surveys are recognised as one of the UK’s leading independent damp surveying companies that help people to resolve their damp problems by providing honest reporting. Our Damp & Timber Surveys are renowned for being the most detailed and trusted, as we believe this is the only way to truly resolve damp problems.

Our independent damp surveys start with surveying the external areas of the building before we even consider investigating any damp issues inside the property.

Internally, our Surveyors will obtain a full understanding of airborne moisture extraction, before undertaking a detailed Moisture Mapping survey of all the walls and floors.

We do this in order to fully understand where increased moisture exists, the extent of the issue(s), and in turn, the true cause of the damp problem.

Moisture Mapping is followed by an in-depth Thermal Imaging Survey, all of which is included in the price of our expert damp surveys.

Comprehensive Independent Timber & Damp Surveys in Bristol

We cover Gloucester, Bristol, Bath & Avon for all your Damp Surveying needs

Alpine Surveys carry out damp & timber surveys across Gloucester and surrounding areas.

Our professional damp surveys are carried out in, Bath, Bristol, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Cheltenham, Swindon, Stroud, Cirencester, Yate, Tewksbury, Thornbury and all surrounding areas.

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Book a professional damp survey in Bristol today to resolve your damp, timber and mould issues in your home.

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All these issues were picked up in a damp survey carried out by one of four professional damp surveyors, which was followed by a comprehensive report with clear and concise recommendations to rectify the damp problems

Moisture originating from deteriorated Chimney Stack

Damp Surveys Birmingham - Alpine Surveys Birmingham

Dry rot originating from external moisture penetration

damp surveys

Result of deterioration from a water leak
behind the dry lined wall


Damp deterioration as a result of defective render and non-breathable external paint

Roof & Building Leak Detection Birmingham

Our main focus is to provide an honest service

With over 36 years of experience in property surveying, we still remember and understand the importance of being courteous, polite and supportive to our clients and continue to enforce a high level of customer service and care. 

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For over 400 more reviews, please see our Checkatrade feedback.

Independent Property Surveyors

When choosing which company you would like to undertake your damp survey, please look beyond the quoted prices, as many other companies do not provide the same level of detailed service as Alpine Surveys.

Please compare the following important points with alternative Damp Survey companies in Bristol:

  1. Our Surveyors have a minimum of ten year’s experience, and are qualified in their field.
  2. Our surveys take a minimum of 1.5 hours for a one bedroom property, increasing to as much as 5 hours for a five bedroom property. This is due to the thoroughness of our surveys and procedures.
  3. We will undertake a detailed external assessment of the property prior to any internal investigation, as this is vital in gaining a full understanding of the property and structure.
  4. We undertake detailed moisture mapping of every room to be assessed across the floors and walls.
  5. We will undertake a complete Thermal Imaging survey of each room, in various survey modes, in order to assess moisture ingress, condensation, and cold air ingress.
  6. We assess the extraction and ventilation throughout as required.
  7. On completion we provide the most detailed for Damp Survey Reports. Please compare ours to our competition.
Damp Surveys in Bristol


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Make an enquiry for a Damp Survey in Bristol

Alpine Surveys are independent Damp Surveyors with no interest in providing remedial works. We simply provide you with a professional and honest report detailing the cause of your damp problems in and around the Bristol area

    *Find out more about our damp survey guarantee by clicking here.