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Independent Structural Engineer based in Westminster London

  • We provide honest impartial advice and reporting
  • Unbiased surveys
  • Detailed reports
  • Comprehensive calculations and design
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  • Covering Greater London
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What is a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer will carry out a site visit to the property to assess structural concerns such as cracks, subsidence, or simply to determine if a wall proposed for removal is load-bearing or not and whether it will require a supporting beam.

They will also provide detailed calculations and designs for any project. Offering full support and assistance with ensuring the building project is completed without any delays

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Damp Survey

Alpine did a damp survey for us, they were brilliant, really helpful and really informative and really easy to deal with. The price was also very competitive. Would highly recommend!

Checkatrade Customer / Bath

Damp & Timber Survey

The surveyor, Paul, was friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. He talked me through issues found, answered my questions and explained his recommendations. An in-depth report was sent within 24 hours of the survey and I now feel confident I know what the problems are and how to rectify them.
Google Review / Salisbury

Damp Survey

Alpine Surveys completed a damp survey on our house and I honestly couldn’t be more complimentary. The surveyor took his time, listened to me about the house, explained what he was doing, what his recommendations were, and why. Read more…
Facebook Review / Somerset
Chartered Structural Engineers in London

Our Structural Engineers are thorough

All our structural engineers carry out a thorough and detailed survey of the property to get a full understanding of the client’s needs and expectations and then work with the client closely to provide the information.

When doing so, we ensure the design and calculations meet British Building Regulations as well as provide flexibility for the project.

Upon completion of our thorough structural survey, our structural engineer will explain in detail the issues detected with the property, the areas of concern and more importantly, what action is required to rectify any structural issues found.

All of this information is included in our reports, which follow within two or three working days, or less, of the survey.

Our structural surveyors will never discuss their findings with tenants, or the property owner if surveying for a buyer.

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Why choose Alpine Surveys to carry out your Structural Survey in Westminster London?

Alpine Surveys take great pride in providing quality structural surveys complemented by our detailed trusted reporting & recommendations.

Our clients appreciate the fact that we’re independent structural surveyors and have no interest in selling you remedial works and have no association with any builders or repairers.  

Independent Structural Engineer Westminster London for all your structural property issues

With over 30 years of experience, Alpine Surveys have gained a reputation for being experts in providing structural surveys.

Structural issues can be problematic within any domestic or commercial property and if left untreated, can cause costly structural issues and even pose a risk to health and safety.

Alpine Surveys are recognised as one of the UK’s leading independent structural surveying companies who help people resolve their structural problems in their homes or businesses by providing honest reporting. Our Structural Surveys are renowned for being the most detailed and trusted, as we believe this is the only one way to truly resolve structural problems.

Our independent structural surveys start with surveying the external areas of the building, before we even consider investigating any structural issues inside the property.

Property Structural Engineer Westminster London

Our structural engineers cover all of Greater London, including Westminster, Uxbridge, Heathrow, Gatwick, Waterloo etc.

Property Structural Engineer Westminster London

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Water Ingress

Moisture/water penetration caused the deterioration of the mortar due to a sloping path. Remedial action was recommended for a professional builder to replace the mortar and render as well as ensure the water build-up is diverted away from the wall.

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Failed Window Lintel

This property had experienced a number of failed window lintels. Remedial recommendations included the replacement of the lintels by a qualified and reputable builder and ensuring that the correct calculations have been carried out to ensure suitable sizing of the lintels.

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Leaking/burst Underground Pipe

The soil around the underground pipe on this property had been displaced by water leaking into the ground causing the soil to expand and lift. Remedial recommendations were provided to first ensure the pipe leakage was repaired to prevent further movement


The structural survey reports provide details of the structural survey that has been undertaken, the methods used and all of the defects and deterioration assessed

In addition, the structural survey report details the implications, followed by our recommendations to rectify the issues.

Unlike many other building surveyors or structural surveying companies, if during the works you have questions or concerns, our structural surveyors will be more than happy to discuss the issues with you, or if necessary return to site.

Alpine Surveys are dedicated in providing the highest level of customer care and support, which, applies to all our services, not just our building and structural surveys and services.

Our structural surveyors use the latest building structural surveying testing equipment, and we also utilise methods such as, Thermal Imaging, Micro-bore inspections, and even Aerial Surveys when required.

Structural Calculations

All of our Structural Engineers have substantial experience regarding the working out of Structural Calculations.

Structural Calculations are detailed workings out that are performed before a construction or design project is undertaken.

They are important firstly because they are a requirement set by Building Regulations.

Structural Calculations will allow you to be aware of any potential risks, without the calculations, there is no assurance that your walls will support the second floor of your building for example.

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Structural Drawings

Using specialist equipment and programmes, such as Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design), our Structural Engineers are able to design and complete Structural Drawings to a high standard and meet the requirements of all building regulations and codes of practice.

Structural Drawings are plans, or a set of plans for how a building or any sort of structure is built.

The drawings are important because they will include information of load-carrying additions to a structure.

They will clearly outline what is needed in the project, and confirm the types of materials needed along with their sizes.

Our Structural Engineer will take measurements at a site visit, to enable the preparation of a floor plan, section, and elevations. We measure the distances between walls, ceiling height, wall thickness, ceiling thickness etc.

Property Structural Engineer Westminster London


  • The City of Westminster has more than 11,000 listed buildings of architectural or historical importance. These include not only the Abbey and Houses of Parliament, but also Buckingham Palace, the Royal Mews, the Victoria Memorial, St. Martin-in-the-Fields church, the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, the Wellington Arch, the Royal Albert Hall, and more. And that’s just a small sample of the Grade I listed buildings. Grade II includes other structures such as Broadcasting House and Covent Garden Market.
  • Covent Garden got its name because it was originally the market garden for the convent at Westminster Abbey.
  • One of London’s worst disasters actually took place in Westminster. What is now the Dominion Theatre was the Horse Shoe Brewery in 1814. On 17 October, one of the iron rings holding a seven-metre vat of beer burst and upended another vat of beer, ultimately spilling the equivalent of 2.5 million pints of porter into the brewery and the nearby streets. The beer ended up filling people’s basements and destroying their homes. Ultimately, the disaster claimed nine lives.

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Alpine Surveys are independent Damp Surveyors with no interest in providing remedial works. We simply provide you with a professional and honest report detailing the cause of your damp problems