Monitoring Cracks for Subsidence

Monitoring Cracks for Subsidence

Finding cracks within your property can be very concerning.

Admittedly, many of us think the worst and often the first thought that comes to mind is whether it’s subsidence. However, in many properties, this is not the case and Monitoring Cracks for Subsidence can overcome fears that it is the worst possible outcome.

By using crack monitors we can monitor movement in the property over a period of time, the purpose of this is to determine if the movement is still active or if it has settled.

The crack monitors can be installed using screws and rawlplugs or a bonding agent directly to the wall. Then over a minimum period of 12 months, they are assessed every 3 months to determine if the cracks are worsening or if the movement has stopped.

Crack Monitoring for Suspected Subsidence

Subsidence is a troublesome and costly issue, however, in many cases, where a void has been presented in the soil allowing for movement of the structure, the structure more often will fill that void and eventually movement will stop. In some cases, where a watercourse is passing under the building or a fractured water main is leaking, the soil becomes displaced and continues to do so until the cause of the issue has been addressed.

In these circumstances, immediate remedial action will be recommended and crack monitors may not prove to be useful. Crack monitors are ideal for properties that have small almost unnoticeable movement over time, or when it is hard to see with the naked eye if the crack is still expanding before considering carrying out any work.

Crack monitors can also help to determine if underpinning is truly necessary. Why go to the cost and expense of underpinning your property before you have even determined if the movement has ceased altogether. Underpinning a property can decrease the value of the property and in some cases makes it problematic for buyers to get a lender or even find an insurance company.

So, it makes perfect sense to consider crack monitors prior to committing to a very costly and inconvenient repair that may not be needed.

If the crack monitors show that the movement has ceased, then all that would be needed is to repair the cracks and monitor them into the future.


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