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Domestic & Commercial Pipe Leak Detection

Knowing how frustrating it is to have a leak that you cannot find, and how important it is to get it located as quickly as possible, in order to stop any continuous damage or financial loss, we aim to get an Engineer to our customers within a 24 hour window where possible.

All of our Engineers are employed by us, and have a minimum of 15 years of experience in finding the smallest of leaks.

They are equipped with all of the latest equipment, allowing them to find the most problematic of leaks on water supply pipes, whether they be within the property, or external of the property.

We locate leaks on all pipe sizes and lengths, so we are certain to be able to resolve your problem.

Therefore if you employ Alpine Water to locate your leak, you are guaranteed to receive an employed Engineer with a minimum of 10 years Leak Detection experience, and all of the latest equipment available to him, to ensure a successful and efficient service for you.

Please call us to discuss your leakage problem, and remember, our service could be Free Of Charge if your insurance has Trace & Access

Have 100% Confidence In Alpine Surveys

We are confident that we will locate your leak on your water supply or heating pipe, and therefore we guarantee the following, that if there is a leak, we will:

  • Return free of charge if our indicated location is more than 0.5m out,
  • Not charge you a penny if we are unable to find your leak.

No other company offers such a guarantee!

What We Charge

We continually monitor our competition, in order to ensure that our level of service exceeds others, and to ensure that our survey and investigation rates remain the most competitive.

We are sure you will “shop around”, so please make sure that all the Engineers time on site is included in the competitors rates, along with all the survey methods including gas insertion if required.

With Alpine Water, you can be assured that there are no hidden extras, and what you are quoted by us, is exactly what you will pay!,

If you have “Trace and Access” on your insurance, you will be able to claim our survey costs back.

What Leaks We Find

Our technology and experience allows us to pinpoint leaks on all types of water pipes for Domestic homes, through to large industrial buildings. The systems that we successfully pinpoint leaks on include the following:

  • Water supply pipes
  • Internal supply pipes (hot and cold)
  • Complete private networks
  • Water ingress problems
  • All pressurised pipe work including pressurised air pipes
  • All lengths and sizes of pipes

If you feel that your issue differs from those stated above, please call us to discuss the problem, as this list is not exhaustive, and every problem is different. We are sure to be able to help…

Why customers use us?

We strive to stay ahead of the competition, and we believe that our results are a reflection of our efforts, along with many hundreds of satisfied customers every year.

From the reception you receive from your initial enquiry, to the appearance and professionalism of our Engineers and our detailed survey, through to the conclusion and our detailed report, we ensure that the service you receive is the best we can provide.

Here is a summary of why we are the leading detection company in the UK.

  • South & South East Coverage
  • Domestic & Commercial
  • Water Hygiene Certified
  • Engineers with min 10 Years Experience
  • 99% Accuracy Based on True Statistics
  • Used by Major Blue Chip Companies
  • The most detailed report of all companies
  • No Call Centres
  • 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week including Bank Holidays
  • All inclusive rates. No Added Extras!

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Get in touch with one of our advisors for expert help and support or to book a site visit

    Our Guarantee To You

    Having the best Engineers in the industry, and the most advanced equipment, we are confident that we will locate your leak the first time accurately.

    We aim to be within 0.5m, however as you can see by our feedback, we are normally spot on, or within a few inches.

    Our guarantee to you is that should we fail to deliver this accuracy, we will send our Engineer back to your property free of charge to resurvey the leak location.