Leak Detection Surveys

Alpine surveys are experts in leak detection surveys. Our professional surveyors can carry out a site visit to your property and find the source of your leak

Leaks and water ingress within a building can create serious damage if left. A leak in the property can cause damp, rot and deterioration.

Our surveyor will identify where the leak is originating from using a range of professional equipment.

Once the source of the leak has been identified, the surveyor will make recommendations on how to rectify the leak.

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Leak Detection FAQ

How does the surveyor find the leak?

Our surveyor will determine the source of a leak in the building using his experience and expertise.

However, they also use thermal imaging cameras to detect areas of moisture or damp, which, helps them locate the source of the leak

As independent surveyors we do not carry out any of the remedial works. Our services provide you with expert reporting, which, often proves invaluable, especially where the repair of the leak has been attempted but proved unsuccessful.

A leak can cause damage to property, electrics, insulation, brickwork and timber if left to become worse.

Most people obviously will want to remedy the problem quickly though and Alpine Surveys can assist.

Our surveyors are equipped with extendable poles and cameras to inspect roofs and gutters. For buildings where access is often more difficult, the leak detection expert can deploy a drone to check the roof area.

This provides HQ detailed video and stills of the areas of concern and allows them to diagnose the cause of the leak.

Yes, we can, using expert knowledge, experience and thermal imaging cameras we can detect the location of the pipe leak within the property.

We cover a wide area from Devon to Sussex and from the south coast up as far as Leicester, the Midlands and also Greater London.

leak detection survey cost varies depending on the size of the size of the property and available access. For a quote, speak to one of our friendly advisors on 0330 333 9238

Our surveyors have many years experience in detecting roof leaks. They have excellent skills that assist them in leak finding and look for the typical signs to indicate the source of the leak assisted by thermal imaging cameras.