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How long does a building or structural survey take?

The length of a survey is very much dependent on the surveyors findings and the size of the property.

We also take into account what is required for the survey. For example, a survey inspecting numerous cracks on a property can take anywhere between 1-3 hours, depending on shape, size and area.

Whereas, a structural survey which is focusing on finding out whether a wall is load bearing or not, can take longer due to the amount of checks that are required.

What areas do you cover? 

For our Structural Surveys, our structural engineers work out of our London office and covers the London and surrounding areas.

We have an office based in Uxbridge and surveyors based in the north of London and in the South East of London. We also cover Berkshire.

Do you undertake the works?

As we are an independent company we do not work in conjunction with anyone, including builders.

Therefore we do not undertake the remedial works, but do list the specific works needed in the standard comprehensive report.

If you have the work carried out in the report exactly as it is laid out, this will resolve the issues you are experiencing.

Will I get a structural or building report afterwards?

After every structural survey that we conduct here at Alpine Surveys, within three days, our client will receive an in-depth and detailed report.

Within the report it will explain all of our surveyors findings and a list of recommendations for the rectification works. You can find an example report here:

How much does a structural or building survey cost?

The cost of a structural survey varies depending on a few things. Firstly, it would depend on which specific survey you are after.

We would also take into account the size of the property. For a more accurate and personalised quote, please contact one of our team members on 0330 333 9238

Are your structural engineers qualified?

All our structural engineers are qualified to high standards. You can learn more about them on our team page.

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