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If you have any concerns or questions regarding Thermography Surveys or heat loss surveys for your building these commonly asked questions and answers may help. If you require further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A heat loss survey provides the owner of the property with a detailed report for their property relating to the amount of heat being lost, usually due to inadequate insulation, deterioration or poor materials.

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Once a heat loss survey has been conducted, we will provide you with the report, it will detail areas of concern (areas that are most responsible for the loss of heat from your building).

If the recommendations are carried out, you will experience a significant saving in heating costs.

Walls, roofs, windows and doors are the most common areas affected by unnecessary heat loss. This is often due to old materials that don’t provide the same efficiency levels as modern materials.

Cracks or gaps in doorframes, window frames and roofs can all contribute to significant heat loss.

Main causes of heat loss include,

  • Window glazing
  • Lack of sufficient draught exclusion on external doors
  • Walls with no cavity insulation
  • Roof spaces with insufficient insulation
  • Open fire places

We use some of the latest technology from producers such as DJI and Flir. Combined with decades of surveying experience and professional qualifications, we are able to produce comprehensive detailed reports.

heat loss surveys

It is very unlikely our surveyor will need to drill holes as this is usually only required to insert an endoscope camera. Our thermal imaging cameras are very accurate is providing us with the information we need to make a satisfactory diagnosis.

This is very dependent on the severity of your heat loss from the property. Some clients experience a saving of up to 50% on energy bills, where the current insulation is well below standard and all recommendations have been implemented.

If all the recommendations are carried out within the report with a reasonable timeframe, you can expect to experience hundreds of pounds per year in savings by reducing your energy losses depending on the size of the property and current state of the buildings insulation.

No, we are a completely independent surveying company and as such do not carry out any of the works we recommend.

As we are an independent surveying company, we do not work in association with anyone, including builders.

Therefore we do not undertake the remedial works, and have no financial interest in any works we recommend. We do list the specific works needed in our comprehensive reports.

If you have the work carried out in the report exactly as it is laid out, this will resolve the issues you are experiencing.

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