Frequently Asked Questions on Leak Detection Surveys

If you have any concerns or questions regarding leak detection and water ingress surveys for your building these commonly asked questions and answers may help. If you require further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our surveyors have decades of experience and use the latest thermal imaging technology to assist in finding the true source of a leak or water ingress.

We wont guess, we use our experience and expertise to locate the true source of the problem.

We may need to gain access to the roof, especially if you have water ingress or a leak within that area.

If the source can be pinpointed by not accessed internally, we may send up an aerial drone to inspect the roof without the need for expensive access equipment.

We are independent surveying specialists and as such we do not carry out any repair works.

Prices for leak detection surveys may vary depending on the size of the property, available access and how much of the property requires investigating to locate the leak. For a quote please contact us 0330 333 9238

All our surveyors are qualified to high standards. You can learn more about them on our team page.

Our surveyors will compile your report and send it out by email within 5 – 7 working days of the survey being completed

Yes, we do. We offer leak detection surveys in both domestic and commercial premises

This depends on the size of the building, where the leak is believed to be originating from and available access. Typically, a leak detection survey can take anywhere between an hour to 2 hours.

We will advise a day or two beforehand what time the surveyor will arrive. Typically, this will be during the morning.

Our surveyors are equipped with an array of professional equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, that can assist them in detecting the source of the leak, or water ingress.

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