FAQ: What’s Involved In A Homebuyer Survey

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If you need a homebuyers survey, here are the Frequently Asked Questions to give you a better understanding on what is involved. Read our FAQ: What’s Involved In A Homebuyer Survey

Do I need a homebuyers survey?

Getting a homebuyers survey carried out on a property will inevitably highlight any structural and cosmetic defects that could affect the price, or your decision to continue with the purchase.
Although its not a legal requirement, some mortgage lenders will insist on having a homebuyer survey carried out, before lending you the money.

What defects might be found?

homebuyers survey may detect a number of defects with the property, some of which, could run into thousands of pounds to repair. A Homebuyer Survey could save you money if the survey detects, rot, damp, deterioration, subsidence and more.

How long does a Homebuyer Survey take?

The survey can take approximately 2 – 6 hours depending on the size of the property.

How much does a Homebuyer Survey cost?

A homebuyers survey varies in price depending on location and the size of the property. Generally, the price of a homebuyers survey starts at around £350 for an independent homebuyers survey.

Are FREE homebuyer surveys worth it?

A free homebuyers survey is often carried out by a firm who will also carry out any remedial works that are required. Often, this produces biased reporting and isn’t recommended. It is far better to instruct a professional independent surveying company.

What advice is given after the survey?

Once the survey is completed, a surveyor will send you a detailed report of all defects found. This should include all structural and deterioration issues. You can then use this information to gain a cost estimate of the works needed to make good. This information could also be used to negotiate on price, assuming you still want to purchase the house.

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