Drones Near Airports: What are the Rules?

Roof & Chimney Aerial Inspection Surveys


Putting a drone in the sky near an airport is an incredibly difficult thing to do and there are a lot of procedures in place to in order for this to happen. 

With airports being always one of the busiest places, welcoming over 2,000 people a week (sometimes even a day!), and in turn having approximately over 600 planes taking off and arriving in 24 hours, putting a drone in the sky to accompany the places, in most cases is not allowed.

Locations near airports are often part of a ‘flight restricted area’ which means that you cannot fly a drone inside of the restricted area, and if you do, could be fined.

If a drone is required to be in the sky but the location falls into the flight restricted area, you are required to complete forms which are submitted to the air traffic control designated to the specific airport you will be flying in proximity of.

There are numerous reasons as to why you may need to put a drone in the sky in an area close to an airport:

Commercial buildings are commonly asked to carry out checks on the building to ensure nothing can hinder or play a detrimental factor to planes taking off.

For example, roofs near airports are often inspected for any birds nesting, as birds can be harmful to departing planes.

For more information on flying drones near an airport, visit www.caa.co.uk

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