Do you need a homebuyer survey in Wiltshire?

homebuyers survey

Do you need a homebuyer survey in Wiltshire?

Let Alpine Structural help you out with Homebuyers Property Survey Wiltshire. We have over 30 years experience in surveying

Alpine Surveys extensive external and internal assessments provide a complete understanding of a properties condition at that point in time, and ascertain the predicted future deterioration and structural issues.

All reports provide vital information, for existing or potential owners to understand the level of expenditure required to maintain, or correct a property.

  • Detailed assessment of the overall condition.
  • All defects will be detailed.
  • Structural issues will be explained.
  • Any Damp or Condensation related issues will be addressed (if agreed as part of the survey), or an outline of the Damp or Condensation related. issues will be provided.
  • Timber deterioration will be reported (For properties with significant deterioration, a separate detailed Timber survey maybe required).
  • We will report on any legal issues that maybe relevant to the property or proposed works.
  • We can include energy efficiency and environmental issues.

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