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  • Totally independent from all damp-proof contractors
  • 30+ years of experience and knowledge
  • Complete range of Damp-related surveys
  • Historic & Listed Properties Surveyed
  • Both Domestic and Commercial clients welcome
  • Coverage across the West Midlands & Birmingham 
  • The latest in survey methods and technology
  • Detailed reporting with correct diagnosis and recommendations
  • Local Damp Surveyors based in Birmingham

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Does Rising Damp Exist?

The simple answer is no. Rising damp is a common phrase used by the chemical industry to make money selling chemicals that are unlikely to be needed in your home in Birmingham.

If rising damp existed, wooden bridges would be rotten, houses in Venice would have deteriorated many years ago, and concrete bridges supported by pillars in water would be saturated.

Rising damp is a fallacy, it’s nothing more than a myth. In fact, the former chairman of RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) Stephen Boniface, wrote an interesting article on the very subject.

You can read the article by clicking here


Damp Surveys


Alpine Surveys are independent professional Property Surveyors that specialise in providing honest reports to assist with rectifying damp problems in homes and commercial buildings in Birmingham and the surrounding area.

We have absolutely no connections to any damp proofing company, and therefore have no interest in financial rewards from remedial works.

With over 30 years of surveying experience and over 500 Checkatrade reviews, you can rely on us to provide a professional, unbiased and honest service.

We aim to provide you with a totally unbiased and accurate survey, in order that you have a true understanding of the issues that you may have. Unfortunately, there are many companies that will provide a “Free Survey” with the hope of selling expensive remedial works following their assessment, sometimes costing thousands of pounds, and on most, if not all occasions, the recommended actions are not required but could also be damaging to your property.

Unfortunately, in many cases, damp is ignored by the owners as a non-important issue. However prolonged exposure to damp can cause serious health risks with mould growths and added moisture causing respiratory issues. The ongoing risk to the building is the deterioration of plaster, contamination from salts, and erosion of the structure, often causing unnecessary costs if the issue isn’t correctly diagnosed sooner rather than later.

We specialise in historic and listed buildings, and we utilise our years of experience, combined with the latest survey technology and additional methods that others do not use, such as Thermal Imaging, and Acoustic technology to resolve all damp issues.


    Alpine Surveys Experiences Sudden Increase in Homebuyer & Damp Survey Requests

    Damp and Timber Surveys For Landlords & Tenants in Birmingham

    Domestic and commercial damp and timber surveys are carried out in and around Birmingham on behalf of landlords and tenants. 

    We provide professional assistance to landlords and tenants by carrying out comprehensive detailed damp and timber surveys and reports, which also include any recommendations for the rectification of damp and timber issues. 


    Alpine Surveys provide comprehensive and timely assistance to commercial and domestic property management agencies in Birmingham. 

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    • Damp & Timber Surveys
    • Leak Detection Surveys
    • Aerial Surveys
    • Heat Loss Surveys
    • Housing Stock Surveys