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Homebuyer Damp Surveys

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Homebuyer Damp Surveys

  • We are totally independent of all building and damp proofing contractors
  • We have over 30+ years of valuable surveying experience
  • Historic & Listed Properties surveyed
  • We utilise the very latest in survey technology 
  • Detailed survey reports delivered within 48 hours. 
  • We have offices and Surveyors that cover Central & Southern England, Greater London & South Wales
  • And we never recommend unnecessary damp proofing materials

Damp can be problematic within any Domestic or Commercial property.

If left without the correct diagnosis, the deterioration can prove to be very damaging, and in turn increasingly expensive to resolve.

We therefore highly recommend that a detailed Homebuyer Damp Surveys is undertaken prior to the purchase.

This will not only give you confidence in the purchase, but also make you fully aware of any current damp and deterioration issues, and allow possible negotiation on the purchase price.

Alpine Surveys are recognised as one of the leading truly independent surveying companies that resolve damp problems.

Our Homebuyer Damp Surveys are renowned for being the most detailed, as we believe that there is only one way to resolve an issue with damp, and that is to ascertain a full understanding of the property, including its construction type, all areas of deterioration, and all incorrect construction methods or materials that have been used.

Our Homebuyer Damp Surveys begin with a thorough assessment of the exterior before we even consider the interior of the property.

Internally our Surveyors will initially obtain a fully understanding of airborne moisture extraction, before undertaking a detailed Moisture Mapping survey, in order to fully understand where increased moisture exists, the extent of the issue, and in turn the true cause of the issue (which will not be “rising damp”).

The Moisture Mapping is followed by an in-depth Thermal Imaging Survey. Thermal Imaging allows us to fully appreciate the moisture within the structure, and it provides a visual image for both the Surveyor and the client, as all imaging is included in our detailed reports.

Comprehensive Homebuyer Damp Survey Reports

On completion of our thorough investigation, we will explain in detail the issues with the property, the areas of concern internally, and more importantly, what is required to rectify the issues.

All of this information is included within our homebuyer reports, which follow within two working days of the survey. (we can arrange immediate reports on special request, and can discuss our findings on the day of the survey)

Incorrect Diagnosis By Unqualified or Inexperienced Assessors is Common and Can Cause You Unnecessary Costs

There are various forms of damp within properties, which are sometimes incorrectly diagnosed by those looking to gain additional unnecessary expensive repairs, or just because a thorough survey was not undertaken in order to make the right diagnosis. A Damp Survey undertaken by Alpine Surveys will prevent this.

Where do we carry out Homebuyer Damp Surveys?

We carry out Homebuyer Damp Surveys in the following areas; Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Surrey, London, Greater London, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Bristol, Avon, Oxfordshire, Coventry, Newport, Portsmouth, Southampton, Poole, Bournemouth, Plymouth, Leicester, Derby, Cheltenham and all surrounding areas.

Building Surveys

Buying a property is probably the most expensive commitment that we will ever make.

Unfortunately all too often, buyers will purchase the property after just a couple of viewings, and without the knowledge of hidden damp issues, only to find out at a later date that issues are present, and issues that could prove to be very costly, could have been avoided if they were aware of them earlier.

Many people consider the Mortgage Valuation survey to be one that will highlight any issues worth considering.

This is not the case, the Mortgage Valuation survey is to ascertain if the mortgage requested is covered by the value of the property in the worst case scenario that the mortgage cannot be covered.

For many reasons, including renegotiation of the purchase cost, it is very beneficial to undertake a detailed investigation of your proposed purchase, therefore making you fully aware of the issue before, and not after you have brought it.

Our homebuyer damp surveys have saved customers many thousands of pounds in unnecessary works, because they have been undertaken by the vendor prior to sale, and we have saved customers tens of thousands when the purchase was stopped after receiving our report.

In fact one customer was told by the Mortgage Surveyor that there was damp in the kitchen, when in fact it was throughout the property.

Alpine Damp will undertake a thorough Thermal Imaging survey to highlight to us any areas of concern, which will then be investigated further.

We will check your internal and external water supply and heating pipe work, and on completion a detailed report will be provided.

The Homebuyer Damp Survey report will highlight exactly what has been undertaken as part of the investigation or survey, the results, including our unbiased recommendations for the rectification of the issue

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