Damp Surveys in Kidderminster

Damp surveys

Professional damp services carried out by an independent damp surveyor in Kidderminster is the best way to find the true cause of damp in your property

The best way to deal with damp in a property is to enlist the services of an independent surveyor. Alpine Surveys can provide professional Damp Surveys in Kidderminster at a competitive price?

With so many properties in the Kidderminster areas suffering from damp, finding a damp surveyor can often be difficult. Alpine Surveys provide an expert opinion on your damp issue and locate the true source of the damp problem.

When Alpine Surveys carry out Damp Surveys in Kidderminster, they carry out a detailed external assessment. Then, moving inside, they will carry out a full assessment of the damp, which, includes detailed Flir thermal imaging.

Once the damp survey has been completed, a full damp report is drafted by the surveyor and sent to you via email. The damp survey report will also list any recommendations to rectify the damp issues.

What are the signs of damp?

  • Dark grey or black spots on walls or the ceiling
  • Wet or moist walls
  • Mould growing on the walls or ceiling
  • Deterioration of plaster
  • Flaking paint on walls
  • Health problems

Can damp cause health problems?

Damp can cause headaches or breathing problems. For more details visit the NHS website

What is the best way to resolve damp?

  • Instruct an independent damp surveyor (Free damp surveys offered by companies are often just a way to get their foot in the door to sell you chemicals or unnecessary services)
  • Get an independent damp survey report, which, will highlight the true cause of damp and provide recommendations on how to resolve the problem
  • Instruct a builder to carry out the recommended work to fix your damp problems

Will damp affect the sale of my house?

  • Some damp issues can affect the sale of your property, depending on the extent of the damp.
  • Most potential buyers will instruct a surveyor to assess for damp.
  • You can get a damp survey carried out on your property before putting it on the market to get a clearer understanding of the extent of the damp and by doing so, you will also have a professional report telling you the true cause and problem of the damp.
  • Damp problems in homes can be a cause of more serious issues, it is therefore recommended to get a damp report.



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