Damp Surveys Dudley Birmingham FAQ

Survey Methods
How much does a Damp Survey in Dudley cost?

The cost of a damp survey in Dudley Birmingham varies depending on the number of areas of concern and the number of rooms surveyed for damp issues.

Typically, most people’s damp issues are isolated to a particular area of the house, therefore the cost is significantly lower than a damp survey carried out on the entire property. For an accurate costing, why not call 0330 333 9238

Will the damp in my house get worse if I don’t deal with it

The damp in your home may get worse if you don’t get it assessed by a professional damp surveyor. Our damp surveyors in Dudley are equipped with the latest equipment to determine the true cause of damp in properties in Dudley, Birmingham.

Are homes in Dudley Birmingham known for having damp problems?

There are many reasons why properties in Dudley may be suffering from damp, some areas are more prone to damp than others. For example, homes near the coast or in areas of dampness will be more prone to damp and mould issues. However, damp problems also occur due to lifestyle habits.

Do properties in Dudley suffer from Rising Damp?

The simple answer is, no, because rising damp is a myth. The term is used predominately by companies who simply want to sell you services that are often found to be completely unnecessary. For more information about rising damp from a leading industry professional, have a read of Stephen Boniface’s article.

I have been told the damp in my home in Dudley is due to Rising Damp.

Whoever tells you the cause of your damp problem is down to rising damp, should be questioned. Rising Damp is simply a myth.

The easiest way to understand the issue here is to understand that properties in Venice are not saturated with water from room to floor and that all bridges made of brick or stone are not saturated with water. If rising damp was a cause of damp, it would be seeping up to the roof of the property.

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