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Damp Surveys Bournemouth - Damp Surveyors

Alpine Surveys are the trusted damp experts in Bournemouth & Dorset

There are many Bournemouth based companies within this industry who will attempt to convince you that you need damp proofing. Alpine Surveys only provide honest advice, support and impartial damp surveys.

Damp Surveys Bournemouth – Damp Surveyors can often be the focus of damp problems due to flooding. Houses built on flood planes and near to low river banks are most susceptible to flooding and of course damp problems.

However, it’s not just flooding that causes damp, often lifestyle habits can be the cause. Such as drying clothes in the house without adequate ventilation.


Damp Surveys Bournemouth – Damp Surveyors

Bournemouth, like many towns, are often packed tightly with houses and flats and this presents an issue for people trying to dry their laundry for example.

Having little space often forces people into a predicament.

Buying a tumble dryer for instance is often one of the methods to drying clothes but can create damp problems in Bournemouth due to poor ventilation. Moisture from the tumble dryer lingers in the property, more so in the winter, due to limited ventilation.

Another damp problem regularly experienced in Bournemouth, is in older properties. Dorset and Bournemouth has many old traditional style homes and damp issues can be more problematic

Most Common Damp Problems in Bournemouth

The most common damp problems found in Bournemouth vary but the list below gives you a much clearer view.

  • Water ingress (leaks) coming into the building, where water builds up over time causing damp issues in homes in Bournemouth and Dorset
  • Lifestyle habits where poor ventilation can prevent the flow of air in homes in Bournemouth allowing damp and mould to build up.
  • Building deterioration can allow moisture and water to enter the property causing damp and mould
  • External wall paint will sometimes provide a barrier, preventing the walls from being able to breathe

Is Rising Damp A Myth?

Many damp proofing companies in Bournemouth will convince you that you have rising damp, rising damp is a myth. There is an interesting video below that discusses the myth around rising damp and how the phrase has become synonymous with marketing necessary products and services.

Does Bournemouth Have More Rising Damp Problems?

As discussed above, rising damp in Bournemouth, or any town, is simply a myth. If you imagine a brick built bridge and if rising damp existed, the bridge would be constantly saturated in water. However, this is not the case, nor is it the case with homes in Venice, or for that matter, homes built on wooden stilts!

damp problems in Bournemouth Dorset

The rising damp phrase was adopted by the chemical industries to sell you products that can potentially be more damaging to you property.

How to fix damp issues in Bournemouth and Dorset?

The correct way to fix damp issues in Bournemouth is to have an independent damp survey carried out. This will provide a truly unbiased and impartial assessment of your damp and recommend the correct action to take in order to rectify the issue, as opposed to just covering it up with chemicals or unnecessary building work.

Most damp problems in Bournemouth Dorset can be rectified without having to cost you a small fortune as long as the correct diagnosis has been provided.

A professional specialist damp surveyor will use their skills, knowledge and expertise to trace the true origin and source of the damp problem, which, can often be as simple as making some basic lifestyle changes to eradicate the damp issues in your home for good.

For more information on getting your damp problems rectified, please contact a professional by calling us on 0330 333 9238

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  1. Margaret says:

    I have used Alpine Surveys to carry out a damp survey in Ringwood for me, they were very efficient. I received my report in 2 days and since then we have managed to eradicate our damp issue so i am very grateful to them.

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