Damp Surveyors in Coventry

Damp Surveyors in Coventry

Are you experiencing damp problems and live in Coventry?

Alpine Surveys provide professional independent survey reports in Coventry and the surrounding areas. Our damp surveyors in Coventry are experts in properly diagnosing damp issues. For reliable Damp Surveyors in Coventry, Alpine Surveys can certainly help.

Are you suffering from damp or mould issues? If you have any of the following you may need a damp survey.

  • Wet patches on walls
  • Moisture on windows or doors
  • Damp smells
  • Black spots or dark spots on the walls or ceiling
  • Black patches in the corner of the room(s)
  • Wet or damp brickwork internally or externally
  • Wood rot around windows or doors
  • Plaster coming away from the wall
  • Peeling paint on walls
  • Crumbling plaster
  • Light fittings showing spots of rust

Damp can be distressing for many homeowners and tenants in Coventry, and if the source of the damp problem is ignored it can cause a lot of damage to your home and your health.

Many damp proofing companies will often try to sell you unnecessary chemicals, or repair works. In fact, many damp issues can be resolved just by making simple adjustments to your everyday lifestyle.

When using one of our Damp Surveyors in Coventry, they will assess the property and carry out a number of investigations to determine the true cause of the problem.

In one scenario, the only changes the household needed to make was to be more vigilant during shower times.

They were advised to;

  • Keep the bathroom door shut, when having a shower or a bath
  • Not leave wet towels in the bedroom after showering or having a bath
  • Open windows to allow the moisture to escape
  • Provide better extraction in the bathroom for steam



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