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Alpine Surveys are the areas leading experts in providing professional Damp & Timber Surveys

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    Don’t let Damp & Mould ruin your home

    Alpine Surveys can resolve all your damp and timber issues. Our reports are detailed and provide solutions to remedy issues

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    Damp Surveys in Handsworth Birmingham

    Covering a wide area around Birmingham

    Our damp surveyors are based all around Birmingham covering a wide area and ready to attend to your needs at short notice

    Damp and Timber Surveys Wolverhampton. Damp problems are an increasing concern in properties throughout Birmingham.

    Older properties are more likely to suffer with mould and damp. For many, Damp and Timber Surveys Wolverhampton provides a clear diagnosis and locates the true source of the damp issues. 

    Alpine Surveys have been providing damp and timber surveys in Wolverhampton and Birmingham for many years. With over 30 years surveying experience.

    Our surveys provide detailed reporting along with recommendations to resolve damp and timber issues within your home. Damp can cause many problems in properties in Wolverhampton and Birmingham, and if left untreated, could cause considerable damage to the structure. More worryingly, is that damp and timber problems can cause health issues. Some health issues can include asthma, respiratory illnesses, headaches and skin rashes.

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    Resolving Damp and Timber issues in Wolverhampton?

    Let’s start with what you shouldn’t do! 

    There are many companies that exist who will try to convince you that injecting chemicals, or replacing your DPC (Damp Proof Course) will resolve your damp problems.

    More often than not, this is offered to the client without the salesman/surveyor ever carrying out a detailed assessment. In many cases, they are unqualified building surveyors.

    Another trick, is to convince you that you have rising damp. Rising damp is a myth!

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    The correct way to eradicate damp!

    The correct way to completely eradicate damp from a property, is to have a comprehensive and detailed survey carried out by a professional qualified building surveyor.

    Companies like Alpine Surveys, provide independent, unbiased and impartial reporting, there is no financial interest to sell you anything following their detailed damp and timber survey.

    After a damp and timber survey in Wolverhampton is complete, the surveyor compiles a report, along with recommendations.

    It is then up to the homeowner to instruct a reputable contractor or builder to carry out the work.

    If the work is carried out in a reasonable time from the report being conducted, Alpine Surveys guarantee that it will resolve the damp problem.

    How long does a damp and timber survey in Wolverhampton take to complete?

    The time it takes to carry out a damp & timber survey varies, depending on the size of the property. A typical 3 bedroom property takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete. The surveyor then requires another couple of hours to compile the report.

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