What causes cracks in the walls of my home? 


A COST-EFFECTIVE alternative

Before committing to having works carried out, such as underpinning, monitoring of cracks can be done cost-effectively with Tell-Tale Crack Monitors and can determine if the subsidence issues are still ongoing or have now settled. 

Structural Surveyors & Engineers

Why Use Crack Monitors?

Crack Monitors or Tell Tale Monitors can save you a significant financial outlay on services such as underpinning. Monitoring cracks to determine if they are active or passive could determine if the issue has settled and only needs minor repairs as opposed to costly underpinning of the property


How Do They Work?

Crack monitors are installed by a qualified structural engineer by carefully placing them across the crack to monitor any movement. Most have a scale and crosshairs which are lined up on installation, any movement is then identified using the scale and can determine the extent of the issue as well as whether remedial action should be considered urgent or non-urgent.

Crack Monitoring for Suspected Subsidence
Monitoring Cracks for Subsidence

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    FAQ on Crack Monitors

    Depending on the surface type and the number of monitors to install, installing the monitors can take 30 minutes plus.

    The monitors are fixed to the wall using two methods. Either by screwing them to the wall using small rawlplugs and screws or a chemical bonding agent

    Most applications require a period of monitoring that extends across a full year of seasonal changes and is inspected periodically throughout to identify any patterns of movement in line with the varying seasons.

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    Initially, a structural engineer will attend to the property and assess the crack. depending on what the engineer finds, he may be able to recommend a period of monitoring using the crack monitors. It may be that remedial work is recommended and the crack is not related to subsidence. If crack monitors are advised, the engineer may be able to install them on the same day.

    We can monitor the crack monitors for you and usually, this is done periodically (every 3 or 6 months) over a period of 12 months or more. 

    The crack monitors are commonly installed outside but may also be installed on any wall that is experiencing movement