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Homebuyer Surveys

All reports provide vital information, for existing or potential owners to understand the level of expenditure required to maintain or correct a property. This information can be invaluable when considering purchasing a new property.

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Alpine Surveys provide detailed in-depth homebuyer surveys on domestic and commercial properties.

Our homebuyer surveys provide extensive external and internal assessments along with a  complete understanding of a property’s condition at that point in time and ascertain the predicted future deterioration and structural issues.

All reports provide vital information, for existing or potential owners to understand the level of expenditure required to maintain or correct a property.

In addition, the survey and report allow the client to make structured plans for the required works, based on timescales and predicted expenditure.

In-depth surveys are undertaken on all buildings including:

  • Buildings that are being purchased
  • All Historic & Listed buildings surveyed
  • Buildings of all ages
  • Buildings currently being developed, or renovated
  • Peace of mind surveys for current owners

We also undertake partial surveys, known as Areas Of Concern Surveys. The areas required will be agreed upon at the enquiry stage.

Our Surveys assess the following issues, our detailed reports will explain the issues and provide the supporting evidence:

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Our surveys will cover the structure of the building, and generally do not cover the internal utilities. If this is a requirement, please request it at the time of your enquiry.

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We typically reply within 30 minutes to one hour max

    • Detailed assessment of the overall condition.
    • All defects will be detailed.
    • Structural issues will be explained.
    • Any Damp or Condensation related issues will be addressed (if agreed as part of the survey), or an outline of the Damp or Condensation related. issues will be provided.
    • Timber deterioration will be reported (For properties with significant deterioration, a separate detailed Timber survey maybe required).
    • We will report on any legal issues that maybe relevant to the property or proposed works.
    • We can include energy efficiency and environmental issues.


    Need to see a sample of one of our Homebuyer/Building Condition surveys?

    Take a look at one of our sample survey reports and see how much detail goes into producing our reports along with recommendations to rectify any issues found

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    • An assessment of any chimney stacks (if present) for defects or deterioration
    • An assessment of the roof and guttering for defects and deterioration
    • An assessment of the elevations, taking into account deterioration to any render, brickwork or stonework, and the mortar joints. Included is the condition of any windows or doors.
    • The surveyor will also take into account the topography (land gradients) of the property, along with the ground levels.
    • If terraced or attached, the Surveyor will also assess any adjoining properties, in order to ascertain if any adjacent deterioration or defects are affecting the main property. 


    • A full visual assessment of every room (or the rooms requested), in order to ascertain the extent of the issues being experienced.
    • The Surveyor will ascertain if anything such as electrics, ventilation, extraction, fire protection etc. does not meet the current Building Regulations standards.
    • If required the Surveyor will obtain moisture levels, in order to ascertain if dampness is a contributing factor to any issues assessed.
    • Thermal imaging can be carried out to detect water ingress or damp
    • If the survey is being completed for a Tenant or Landlord, the Section 11 Landlord & Tenant Act will be taken into consideration.
    • If the survey is being undertaken for a homeowner, and is to report on defects with a new property, the NHBC (National House Build Council) build standard requirements will be considered.