Bank Cottage Damp & Timber Survey

Bank Cottage Damp & Timber Survey

This beautiful listed traditional thatched cottage, located in a quaint hamlet in Warwickshire underwent a Damp & Timber Survey.

A full Pre-purchase Damp & Timber Survey was undertaken for the client. 

The cottage was constructed in the 1700’s and is mainly solid with a cavity extension. The surveyor found that there was both condensation and mould problems around the property.

Initially the surveyor assessed the exterior of the property.


Undertaking this is always a compulsory part of our survey as we believe assessing the outside of the property allows the surveyor to ascertain vital information in order to find the exact source point of the problem.

Externally our surveyor found that there were clear signs of deterioration on the chimney stacks, neighbouring side wall and rainwater downpipe, he later found that these were contributing factors to the moisture ingress.

Internally the surveyor did a full assessment on the exposed timber beams and flooring.

A timber inspection consists of both a physical and visual assessment, the surveyor uses either a knife or drill (dependent on the thickness of the timber beams) in order to determine how deteriorated the timber is and will look for any signs of infestation or rot.

Bank Cottage Damp & Timber Survey

When assessing timber flooring the surveyor will drill 8mm holes within the area(s) of concern, place an endoscopic camera through hole and check the condition of any joists and the actual timber itself.

Our surveyor concluded that all of the timber analysed was in acceptable condition, however there was signs of historic beetle infestation.

As per usual the surveyor undertook both thermal imaging and moisture mapping.

Bank Cottage Damp & Timber Survey

By undertaking a full moisture mapping survey, the surveyor is able to ascertain any areas of concern, and the extent of any damp or moisture within the property.

From the use of thermal imaging the surveyor can confirm the spread of moisture and the source of moisture within the structure, meaning they can find the exact source point of the problem.

A full Homebuyers Survey is always beneficial when making the investment of purchasing a house, and we are here to help.

Contact us on 0330 333 9238 to book in your Homebuyers Damp & Timber Survey

You will receive a thorough survey to highlight any areas of concern, and on completion a detailed comprehensive report will be provided.

The report will detail exactly what has been undertaken as part of the investigation, or survey, the results, and our unbiased recommendations for the rectification of the issue.

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