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What Causes Damp, Mould and Condensation

Finding damp and mould in your home is unpleasant and can pose health risks, particularly... Read more >

What are Structural Calculations?

More people than ever before are making alterations to their homes and it has become... Read more >

Prioritising Damp and Mould Surveys this Summer: Ensuring healthy indoor environments!

At Alpine Surveys, we are committed to creating safe and healthy living spaces for our... Read more >

Do I need a Building Survey as a homebuyer?

5 Reasons you should have a Building Survey before buying a property Are you considering... Read more >

Best Independent Property Surveying Specialists 2023 – Southern England

Alpine Surveys are delighted to announce the news that we have once again won Best... Read more >

Aerial Drone Property Surveys

Are you looking to save money on Access Costs? Our Aerial Drone Property Surveys can... Read more >

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Structural Surveyors & Engineers

What does a Structural Surveyor do? Structural Surveyors & Engineers will be able to survey... Read more >

Government to announce Awaabs Law to crackdown on Damp & Mould

Housing secretary Michael Gove has announced today that the government has tabled amendments to the... Read more >

Alpine Surveys experiences sudden increase in Homebuyer & Damp Survey requests

Southern-based independent property surveying company Alpine Surveys have reported a sudden spike in the number... Read more >

Monitoring Cracks for Subsidence

Finding cracks within your property can be very concerning. Admittedly, many of us think the... Read more >

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