Aerial Surveys & Roof Inspections in Dorset

Aerial Surveys & Roof Inspections in Dorset

Alpine Sky provide clients with a comprehensive aerial survey service in Dorset

Aerial surveys overcome the need for costly, unsightly and often unnecessary mobile access equipment or scaffolding.

Our Aerial Surveys & Roof Inspections in Dorset will save you time, effort and money! Our aerial surveyors are not only great drone pilots, approved by the the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) they are also qualified building surveyors, meaning they are best suited to carrying out aerial surveys and roof inspections in Dorset With property maintenance and management costs growing, employing the services of Alpine Sky to conduct an aerial survey of your roof, chimney, landscape or grounds will turn out to be a worthwhile investment.

What are the benefits of an aerial survey or roof inspection using a drone?

  • Eliminates the need for expensive powered access equipment
  • No need to erect scaffolding or ladders
  • Far safer than conventual methods
  • Quicker than manual inspections
  • Ability to access areas restricted by access equipment
  • Quicker and more efficient
  • Prevents unsightly scaffolding getting in the way
  • Significantly reduces risks

in addition to the above benefits, using a qualified surveyor and certified drone pilot assures our customers that they will receive a comprehensive, detailed report within 48 hours of the survey.

New drone technology provides our clients with the most advanced reporting

The latest in aerial drone technology has allowed us to produce highly detailed reports and accurate diagnosis of building issues. Thermal imaging cameras attached to drones for example, provide us with highly detailed information, perfect for saving our clients money. We use a number of drones to perform aerial surveys in Dorset and the surrounding areas, allowing us to produce some of the most comprehensive reporting.

Some of the drones we currently use to conduct aerial surveys across Dorset & Hampshire

We currently have the DJI Inspire 2, which is a larger drone perfect for carrying out bigger projects. The DJI Mavic Pro is another drone we use for aerial surveys. as it’s lightweight and easy to fly around obstacles. DJI Mavic Enterprise Thermal Imaging camera is mostly used for detecting heat signatures on buildings. We use this drone when carrying out aerial surveys to pin point heat loss and helps us diagnose building or structural issues.

Aerial Survey Footage Up To 4K

Take a look at one of our latest aerial surveying videos. The footage is crystal clear, allows us the opportunity to zoom in, take stills and analyse suspect areas, it can even produce 12mp images to help identify and diagnose building or structural issues.

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