Aerial Survey or Manual Survey?

Aerial Survey or Manual Survey?


A survey is typically the first plan in action to making changes to a property. The survey needs to be in its truest form to ensure the people carrying out the developments know what they are working with. 

Aerial surveys using different types of drones are now commonly used when a survey is taking place and is actually five times faster than with land-based methods. Not only are they faster to complete, but the whole process is also safer making the choose between Aerial Survey or Manual Survey much easier.

Manual surveys can be unsafe for those carrying out the survey and people in proximity. Health and safety in the workplace is critically important- especially in construction. It’s an industry that is prone to unsafe and hazardous situations, which should be avoided at all costs, no matter what.

With an aerial survey, live pictures and videos are formed for every individual involved in the process, this means not only can people see the drone pictures as the survey is taking place, but it also means that the videos and pictures can be assessed in the future as well.

Want a quick breakdown?

Aerial Surveys

Manual Surveys

 Efficient and quick Slower process. More equipment is needed


 Individuals are climbing to top of buildings via a ladder
 Cost effective. Done in a day (dependant on job) Could span over numerous days, which means more money
 Proof of the works, pictures and videos Done from memory











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