Aerial Drone Building & Property Surveys

    Aerial roof, chimney and general property inspections carried out by qualified building surveyors save you time and money and provide you with a detailed comprehensive professional report


    Domestic & Commercial Properties Surveyed

    In most situations, we can save you from the huge outlay of paying for scaffold or powered access as well as labour costs. Our qualified Building Surveyors can work independently and get the survey and report returned in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

    Aerial Roof Surveys

    Aerial roof surveys using the latest in drone technology provide accurate reporting

    Aerial drone building survey inspection


    Preinstallation checks and maintenance surveys on solar panels to improve their lifespan

    roof & chimney aerial inspection

    AERIAL Chimney Surveys

    Quick, easy and accurate inspections of chimneys, chimney stacks and pots

    structural engineer new build


    Our Qualified Building Surveyors will identify any workmanship issues with your new build and also inspect the roof to check for broken tiles or potential issues that could cause a leak


    To avoid costly access equipment, scaffolding, or powered access, why not consider asking us for a quote to survey your windows in your building in less than half the time.

    Independent Property Surveyors


    Thermographic aerial surveys (Heat Loss Surveys) are carried out using the latest thermal aerial drones operated by qualified building surveyors.


    Fully Insured 

    We have full insurance in place to cover the unlikely event of an incident. Our highly skilled and certificated pilots always carry out a risk assessment prior to launching the drones

    Aerial Surveys


    Qualified Surveyors

    Our building surveyors are all qualified and hold a range of varying qualifications from HND, to BSc, MSc and PhD in building practices and structural design. 


    A professional drone survey can reduce the cost of access equipment considerably. It reduces the amount of health and safety required and eliminates inconvenience, cost & time. especially when carrying out Roof & Chimney Aerial Inspection Surveys.

    Carried out by a qualified Building Surveyor, the results provide an accurate report along with detailed recommendations for any issues discovered during the assessment.


    The annual spend generated from the hire of access equipment alone was £500,000,000.00 last year. Much of this cost could be reduced significantly with the use of aerial drone surveys. 

    Free up your budget or meet cost-cutting demands by enquiring about the benefits of our aerial drone inspections.

    With supplier costs spiralling, now is a good time to contact us and discuss the money-saving options we can offer. 


    On average, the cost of a chimney inspection using a boom lift can start from £1,500.00 per day including labour costs.

    A drone inspection carried out by a qualified CAA-approved drone pilot and Building Surveyor can start at £300 and the time required is a fraction of what is required using mechanical access equipment.  

    Enquire today about our Aerial Drone Surveys and discover how much money they can save you

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    Aerial Surveys


    Many clients who are under pressure to cut costs or are being asked to reduce their budgets are opting for our comprehensive drone services. Cost savings can be as much as 80%. 

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    ACCESS Heights UP TO 120m

    Our drones have the ability to access structures up to 120m (400′) high providing a more cost-effective solution to assessing tall structures, safely and quickly, without unsightly scaffold or machinery

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    Aerial Survey inspections


    Alpine Surveys regularly provide assistance and support to the general public, and commercial and corporate organisations for the assessment of roofs, tall buildings and chimneys. 

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    Our DJI Enterprise range of Aerial Drones are equipped with the latest HQ Thermal imaging capabilities allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of extremely beneficial solutions 

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    Independent Property Surveyors

    Roof & Chimney Aerial Inspection Surveys

    Prior to legal aerial inspections, using UAV’s to assess a roof, chimney or other high structure was an expensive and costly exercise.

    With our extensive range of professional hi-tech equipment and fully licensed pilots and surveyors, inspections of high structures such as roofs, chimneys, churches and towers, no longer require expensive scaffolding.

    Furthermore, there is no longer a need for unsightly mechanical access equipment.

    After our pre planning and flight assessment, we will be able to provide you with high resolution images and high definition film of your high structure aerial survey.

    With the equipment and large operational screen, we are able to see live footage from the UAV, and therefore obtain the exact photographs and film required.

    • CAA approved & insured
    • 30+ years Building Surveying experience
    • The latest DJI drones and survey equipment used

    Our experienced qualified building surveyors are trained and certified UAV pilots.

    We will undertake the initial ground flight assessment, obtain the required aviation permissions, and conduct the flight in accordance with the CAA regulations.

    This confirms that the project is undertaken in a safe and legal manner.

    We conclude your high structure survey with a fully detailed report of our inspection, accompanied by the relevant images and video to assist in rectifying any issues found.

    • Pitched Roof & Valley Conditions Surveys
    • Flat Roof Condition Surveys
    • Chimney Condition Surveys
    • Tall Structure Surveys
    • Building Elevation Inspections
    • Bridge Condition Surveys

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    Alpine Surveys are a specialist family-run Independent Property Surveying company covering the south of England and Greater London.

    We aim to satisfy our clients by providing a courteous and responsive service, backed by professional detailed reporting and recommendations to resolve any known issues.

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