Aerial Drone Property Surveys

Aerial Drone Property Surveys

Are you looking to save money on Access Costs?

Our Aerial Drone Property Surveys can save you a small fortune in unnecessary access equipment costs. Powered access and scaffold costs can quickly mount up and often only required for a task or inspection that typically takes just a few minutes to assess.

Let’s look at an example of the costs of hiring scaffold or access platforms compared to the time and cost saving of Aerial Drone Property Surveys

  • Aluminium scaffold towers can cost in the region of £95.00 – £185.00 per week
    Time to erect > between 1 and 3 hours
  • Scaffold erected by a professional company will cost between £700.00 – £1200.00 per week
    Time to erect > from 4 hours to several days
  • A mobile mechanical/hydraulic powered access platform will cost £200.00 – £600.00 per day
    Time to set up > 1 – 2 hours

In addition to these costs, you will also need to factor in the cost of the building surveyor or engineer

  • Aerial Drone Property Surveys take less than 30 minutes to complete the entire process, including assessing the area, launching the drone and capturing the footage the building surveyor or engineer requires to make an assessment.

All these various access methods have been and are being used to access areas for assessment alone and then dismantled, as you can imagine the cost involved can be astronomical, which can be avoided using one of our building surveyors or engineers and a drone.

When you compare the costs above with the cost and convenience of an Aerial Drone Property Survey, it all starts to make sense. The benefits of an Aerial Drone Survey of your roof, chimney or entire property has significant benefits over the options listed above.

Health & Safety during Aerial Drone Surveys

Health & Safety factors are significantly reduced when choosing the option to have an Aerial Drone Property Survey over and above the alternatives listed above due to the reduction of risk from falling or objects falling.

Risk Assessment

The time taken to conduct risk assessments using the drone is reduced significantly

Aerial Survey inspections

Aerial Drone Surveys save our clients’ money

Our aerial surveys are carried out by CAA approved and trained pilots who are also qualified Building Surveyors, therefore, you will not be getting a hobby drone flyer with little or no experience in building defects, instead you will have the benefit of having a qualified surveyor assess the footage and provide a full, detailed report.

Detailed & Comprehensive Aerial Building Surveyors Report

Our surveyors will provide a detailed and comprehensive aerial survey report. Within the report, detailed explanations of his findings along with images taken at the time of the survey with the drone will be included. We will also include a list of recommendations for the remedial action needed to resolve any issues that are raised with the pilot / Building Surveyor.

For more information regarding Aerial Drone Property Surveys and Inspections, please contact our team for no obligation friendly chat and we will provide you with a comprehensive quote which includes a detailed report long with recommendations for the most cost effective solutions to any defects found.

Alpine Surveys do not carry out any of the work that may be required to rectify any defects, therefore our reports are unbiased and honest. Our only interest is to report back to you the facts.

We cover the South of England and use some of the finest and latest drones in the industry, including the DJI Enterprise.

One thought on “Aerial Drone Property Surveys

  1. Nigel Cope says:

    Excellent company to use. We instructed ALpine to assess a large building that we were quoted thousands for by a scaffolding company to assess the condition of the roof. Alpine spent 2 hours on site, which is quicker than it would have taken for the scaffolding company to unload the lorry.
    Could not believe the price in comparison and they provided us with an extremely comprehensive and detailed report. High recommend their services.

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